Andie’s Anecdotes

These aren’t going to be true anecdotes but I can’t refuse the opportunity for alliteration and I realize I have got to start recording the funny things Andie is saying at this age. Toddlers are hilarious!! So from time to time, I’ll be sharing a few lines from our resident comedian πŸ™‚ Here are a few recent ones:

  • Daniel was outside mowing the grass without a shirt on and Andie wanted to see him through the window. Upon seeing him she said,”Oh look at Daddy mowing grass with his boobies!”
  • Daniel asked Andie if she’d like a baby brother or sister, she smiles and laughs and then says,”You serious Daddy?”
  • Me: “Andie you have to finish your dinner before you can have ice cream.” Andie: How bout I eat quesadilla after ice cream?”
  • “Good job Mommy!” — as I pour the contents of her potty into the toilet or last night when I came back with her sippy cup of milk
  • Andie fell on the floor in a weird way and said,”Ouch! My hoo-hoo!” — thanks for that name to describe her private parts Daniel! Haha


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