Andie Got Glasses!


Our little one has glasses! She’s had them for a couple of days now and we have been so impressed with how well Andie has adapted. We thought it would be a minute by minute battle of her pulling them off and us having to stick them back on her but it hasn’t been like that at all! She does take them off in the car (conveniently when we have no way of putting them back on…haha), and one or two other times during the day but otherwise, they don’t seem to bother her. THANK GOODNESS.

So for a while Daniel and I had noticed that Andie’s left eye seemed lazy. We had mentioned it at a well check appointment of hers but they wanted us to wait to do anything about it until after Andie’s surgery because sometimes it can be an illusion due to eye position/size. Well, Andie had her surgery and the laziness seemed to get a little worse so we were finally referred to a pediatric ophthalmologist in the area. We took her in and she had an eye exam (dilation included) and it was concluded that Andie did in fact have a lazy eye as well as an astigmatism in her left eye while her right eye is completely perfect. More than likely, we can thank Andie’s craniosynostosis for this -_- It’s not 100% of cases, but I’ve seen that a fair amount of cranio kids actually also have a vision problem as well. Luckily, we are able to get her corrective lenses and at least her lazy eye will hopefully be corrected. Only time will tell as to whether she will always need glasses as far as the astigmatism goes but several people in my family have it so it may just hereditary.


 Little ones like Andie are usually prescribed Miraflex frames and they’re actually pretty awesome! They are bendable and virtually unbreakable–perfect for little kids who are all over the place and haven’t quite gotten the concept of how to be gentle with certain things. There is a band that goes around the back of her head that helps keep them on as well. Andie’s head was not big enough for the square frames so we went had to go with the round, which I personally think fits her age a lot better anyway! We had lots of colors to choose from but we narrowed it down to pearl pink and lavender, obviously ultimately choosing the pearl pink 🙂


I looked at the Miraflex IG hashtag and I came across a few photos of kids wearing shirts made by a shop that said  “yes, these glasses are real.” It never occurred to me that people would think they weren’t real glasses! I guess with everyone being into wearing fake glasses people might have a hard time telling?? So strange haha So if you see a little kid wearing glasses like Andie’s, yes, they’re real!


2 thoughts on “Andie Got Glasses!

  1. Omg it must have been so hard to choose a color – there are so many cute ones!!! (Just looking at the catalog.) Cool! It’s great that they have these things and that they’re near unbreakable. She’s such a cutie in her new specs!

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