15 Months Old


Parents, you ever look at your kid and can’t believe they are yours? Most days, I still can’t believe Daniel and I are parents, even more so, that we are parents to a daughter as awesome as Andie. She has a way of brightening my day (as well as strangers’ days!) that can’t be rivaled by anything else. She’s so affectionate, curious, and silly at this age–I love it so much!

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This summer has been great. We’ve been able to take Andie to the beach a good amount, the big playground at Mt. Trashmore where we met some new friends, walks around the neighborhood, and more!

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Unfortunately, poor little Andie got her first bad diaper rash this past month and also developed a 24 hour virus on top of it. It’s really only been her second time being sick but it breaks my heart all the same! She had a fever and her rash was bothering her so she was not a happy camper but after 24 hours she was feeling so much better and her rash was starting to go away as well. I even let her nap nakey butt to air it out a little. Patting myself on the back for choosing our awesome crib mattress because I didn’t have to worry about her peeing — we got this one and it’s been perfect (and has a waterproof cover!). Coconut oil also works SO well for rashes (at least for us) – I’m happy I had lots on hand! Once she was feeling better, we left for Wilmington, NC to visit family for a long weekend and we had so much fun!!

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I’ve noticed that Andie’s appetite has increased….a lot. haha This girl eats so much – at nearly every meal, she eats every last bite and leaves not a crumb on her tray! I’m so glad she’s such a great eater. I try to give her a good variety of food and a lot of times she eats whatever we eat for dinner which is SO nice. I don’t like the idea of making something separate for every meal and don’t want to make that a habit! Efficiency and ease are so important to me as a mom haha Right now Andie loves bananas (usually eats an entire one), turkey lunchmeat (I try to buy the least processed/most natural I can find), strawberries, Annie’s mac & cheese, sweet potatoes, and butternut squash to name a few.

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I’ve been trying to make it a point to go on more playdates for Andie (and of course, to hang out with my mom friends!) so this past month we’ve gone to Mt. Trashmore, The Green Bean – an indoor play area for kids, out to lunch, and the Hunt Club Farm Petting Zoo, among other things. Lots of fun! The kids are still in that parallel play phase at this age but acknowledging each other a lot more so it’s fun to get them together!!

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Also, I’m not sure how much cuter these two can get. I mean…seriously!!!

Andie is also still very much obsessed with bags. It is so hilarious and adorable and also a little terrifying because I’m sure I’ll be spending money on purses for many years to come. LOL

IMG_7187 IMG_7235 IMG_7258 IMG_7365 IMG_7369 IMG_7382

My little bag lady! haha! Another part of what is so hilarious about it to me is that she has to be wearing all of them at one time. She also likes to wear my clothes every now and then. haha πŸ™‚

We also got to spend some time with my extended family this past month which is rare because all of our family is far away 😦 It was lots of fun and we got to meet our newest cousin, Livie, too! Andie really loves babies–she gets so excited when she sees them on TV, out and about, etc. so she liked looking at Livie πŸ™‚ However, she was EXTREMELY jealous whenever my mom or I was holding the baby and couldn’t hold her. She got really upset and started crying! 😦 Obviously, Andie is not ready to share anyone yet!


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Β IMG_7461

Andie has also learned so many things lately–it’s insane. I love how quickly she’s catching on to things and how much more she seems to understand. The book you see in the picture above has been awesome. Right now she’s able to point out bananas, strawberry, broccoli, pear, cat, dog, and ball when we ask her where they are on the page!

She’s able to show us where her ears, teeth, eyes, nose, hair, fingers, feet, belly, and diaper are when asked, which is fun. She blinks her eyes when we ask about her eyes, opens and closes her hands when we ask about those, and sticks her feet up in the air when we ask where those are haha πŸ™‚

All of a sudden she started throwing away her own trash in the garbage too! It was my brother’s birthday and he had just opened a gift that had tissue paper. Andie got a hold of it and tore it all up, then all of a sudden, she started grabbing as much as she could hold from the floor and left the living room. We we were all watching her wondering where she was going and she walked straight over to the garbage can and waited for my dad to open it!!! We could not believe it haha Since then we just ask her to throw something away and she takes it straight to our garbage and throws it away. Amazing.

Andie is also able to follow a lot more simple commands now! We can ask her to get her shoes, her purse, throw something away, to get her sippy cup, bring something to mommy or daddy, to sit down, etc. This makes life so much easier and it’s so cool knowing that she is understanding more and more!!

Andie’s also taken a liking to helping me with some easy chores. She always helps me unload the dishwasher by handing me things so I can put them away and she hands me clothes from the hamper so I can put them in the washer. Simple things like that are great for her and she loves it! I thank her so many times while she’s helping me and I can tell she really enjoys the praise – she’s gives me a big smile πŸ™‚

Her most recent thing is shaking her head “no.” -_- haha It makes it easier for her to communicate to us which is nice but now she understands “no” even more to where she’s telling US “no.” haha

Current words: “yes” “no” “dis” “mama” “dada”


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4 thoughts on “15 Months Old

  1. OMG THE ICE CREAM PICTURES!!! ❀ ❀ ❀ Haha those are so hilarious!! She obviously loved it!!!

    It's so fun to read your updates. I've been awful about writing any for Theo. :-/ He does a lot of similar things to Andie, though, like throwing away trash, helping unload the dishes, and putting clothes in the wash. It's fun to make them feel like they're helping Mommy & Daddy. πŸ™‚ It's so much fun watching them learn, isn't it?!

    Andie is seriously the cutest. Her obsession with bags is hilarious. Do you have a large purse collection yourself? Maybe it's a girl vs. boy thing…Theo could care less about bags, but give him a truck (anything with wheels is called "GUCK!") and he is one happy camper.

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