Whole 30 – End

Well, my Whole 30 officially ended on August 3 but in all honesty, it ended well before that 😦 I completely flopped the last week and a half! I underestimated how difficult it would be to not have my husband continuing with the program. That’s not to blame him for my missteps–it’s actually made me realize that I need to investigate and explore my lack of self control when it comes to food!

Now that I am no longer doing the Whole 30, I have decided that I’d like to continue with a lot of the same principles. The meals I had been making at home were all pretty yummy and we felt good making those choices. I felt good during the program, I thought my skin was looking better, and I did lose some weight. In the spirit of transparency and honesty, when I started the program I weighed 125.7 lbs and when I was done I weighed 119 lbs. Not bad! Since introducing some old foods back into my diet I’ve gained a couple pounds back but overall, I’m happy with the results even when I didn’t technically complete the entire 30 days.

Are you thinking about trying it out? Here’s some of my main tips/lessons learned:

  1. Have a plan when faced with social events, etc. | this was probably my downfall as the fact that once I cheated, I kept cheating. 😦 Bring along your own snacks or eat before you attend so you aren’t AS tempted.
  2. Meal planning. It’s a MUST while doing the Whole 30. I didn’t have to think each day about what I was going to do for breakfast, lunch, and dinner–I already had it planned out at the beginning of the week and this helped SO much. Also, Pinterest was my best friend during this.
  3.  Find an accountability partner. I had a friend doing this program at the same time and it was definitely helpful to text each other how we were feeling, sharing some yummy food we discovered, etc. For a while, I also had my husband doing this with me and that was by far the most helpful. If you are married, see if your partner will do the program with you–less temptation at home will make it easier to succeed in my experience!
  4. Document. Whether it just be in pictures, food diaries, daily notes on how you’re feeling, etc. It’s a great way to look back on your progress once you’re done as well as a way to reflect on your mistakes and how you can do better!

IMG_6891 IMG_6896 IMG_6916


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