52 Weeks / Andie is One!


Andie is ONE today!! Has it really been an entire year?! I have to tell you, its been the most joyful, hardest, life-changing year of my entire life.

photo 3

Exactly one year ago at 3:22 PM, Andie Joy entered the world weighing 7 lbs 10 oz and measuring 19.5 inches long. Nothing will ever make me forget what it was like to have Andie placed on my chest for the very first time. There she was, this small pink bundle of joy, more beautiful than I ever could have imagined. I was already so in love with her while she was growing inside of me, but when I set my eyes on her for the first time, I could feel my love for her triple and quadruple over and over again. A year later, my feelings haven’t changed. If possible, I love her even more than the first day we met.

Here is this little person whom I’ve been with every single day of her little life. Each of these days, she taught something about myself and made me grow in ways I didn’t know I could. I’ve learned to be more patient (although this will be a lifelong lesson as a parent), selfless, strong, capable, compassionate, loving, understanding, and the list goes on. It is truly amazing how much a baby can teach you about yourself!

I’ve also learned so much about life. What an awesome thing to be able to watch an entire life develop right before your eyes and to have the privilege to nurture it. This is going to be the most important role I will ever play! Andie has given me such great purpose.



I love the way you get so excited you bounce up and down when you see me walk through your door in the morning.

I love how you’ve been giving me kisses and tight hugs around my neck since you were a little, little baby and you’ve never stopped. Please don’t ever stop!

I love how you still run your soft, warm, little hand up and down my arm while you nurse to sleep every night. It was sweet as a newborn and its just as sweet now.

I love that you rub your head and run your hands through your hair while you’re nursing and falling asleep.

I love that you squeal at the top of your lungs just out of pure happiness!

I love how you wave to me and daddy when we leave the house or even if we’re just walking upstairs 🙂

I love how happy you are–your smile makes me feel so happy!

I love that I am who comforts you most; that will always make me feel special.

There are an infinite number of things I love about you and many of them I haven’t even learned yet. I am so excited to find out even more about you this next year. Your first year of life was an amazing one–you have been the greatest gift to us! Happy 1st birthday Andie Joy. You are loved, cherished, and thought of more than you will ever know!


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