Happy Mother’s Day

Last year on Mother’s Day, I was very pregnant and only 4 days away from my due date. It seemed so amazing to me that what I thought was my last weekend before baby was half a celebration of being a mom! Little did I know, Andie wouldn’t make her appearance for another 10 days but the wait was well worth it. 

Motherhood is not at all what I thought it’d be and I don’t mean that in a bad way at all.

 The drooliest of drools or crazy blowout diapers didn’t completely gross me out like I imagined they would. 

The smallest things Andie does/learns make me as excited and proud as if she were winning an esteemed award. 

I love nap time as much as the next mom but I still miss Andie during them and can’t wait to walk in her room and see her giving me that huge smile while she bounces up and down.

Watching videos and looking at pictures of her during her newborn days always make me tear up a little even a year later and I’m sure it’ll be that way the rest of  my days because I’ll always see her as my baby. 

As much as I love to live in the present, Daniel and I always talk about what we think Andie might be into when she’s older and how we can’t wait to see her in dance recitals and soccer games–if that’s what she wants to do 😉 

There’s so much more joy that comes with being a mom, especially for the first time, than I ever thought possible. It’s also come with its fair share of difficulties! In just 1 year, we’ve had to deal with terrible acid reflux, torticollis which required several physical therapy sessions, a cranial remolding helmet that required several checkups/alterations, a new diagnosis of craniosynostosis and now we are coming up on her big surgery. None of these things were ever anything I was prepared for and most I had never even heard of before! 

But that’s all motherhood isn’t it? The ups and downs with plenty of in-betweens to go with them. This will likely be the wildest and most satisfying ride I’ll ever be on and for that I am thankful. I am thankful that I was given the privilege to be Andie’s momma and God willing, I’ll be given the privilege to do it all over again one more time (did you catch that? Just ONE more. haha).

To all those who have shared encouraging words, prayers, laughs, tears, concerns, advice, and more during this first year–thank you. I’ve felt built up rather than torn down more often than not and moms really need to feel that. 

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you awesome moms out there–I hope you are being appreciated and made to feel special today (and everyday!) because what you do is certainly special. 

Xoxo, Rachel


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