49 Weeks


 Andie has been walking even more this week! In just the short time she’s been taking steps–I’d say half the time she walks and half the time she crawls now. She’s also started carrying things while walking and doesn’t need both of her hands free to make sure she’s balancing. The cutest has been being able to hold her one hand and have her walk beside us around the house. It sounds weird, but when I thought about having kids, that’s one thing I couldn’t wait to do! She’s been able to walk farther and farther and loves doing it. Yay!

Along with her new skill, I’ve noticed that Andie has started to get antsy when she’s in the stroller too long. Before, she could be in there for a good long while but hasn’t been able to last nearly as long anymore! She’ll still do well on walks in the wrap and more often than not, we put her in the cart with a cart cover while at stores as well.



Speaking of wraps, Andie will be coming up on the weight limit for ours soon-ish and I’ve been interested in getting another carrier that will last with us for a long time. (By the way, if you’re looking for a breathable awesome wrap, I highly recommend the Happy Baby Wrap!!) I think in certain situations, I’m not going to want to let her walk around or feel it’d be easier to carry her so I really want to get something else. I’ve been looking at the Ergo Performance because it’s supposed to be more lightweight and breathable than it’s original counterpart, will go up to 45 lbs, and Andie can be carried in front, back, and on the hip. It currently prices at $139 but I’ve found some on Ebay for much cheaper so I’m going to try that route! I’ve heard nothing but good things from those who have used it so I’m hoping I’ll get one for a great price!! 🙂

This past week, we took Andie out to eat twice. On Saturday, Andie and I met with my friend Jessica and her daughter Chloe for lunch and they did so good! The place we went lets children under 12 eat for free and I ordered some silver dollar pancakes for Andie. She did great and ate most of it! After that the 4 of us went over to Babies R Us to get a few things and look around and then Andie and I headed over to my parents’ house like we usually do on Saturdays. It was a great day! On Monday, Daniel, Andie, and I went to Cracker Barrel for lunch and it was such a great time. Ok, minus the first 5 or so minutes when I had to change her very poopy diaper in the bathroom. Andie absolutely HATES public changing tables–she shakes and cries the entire time like she is afraid! A couple older ladies tried to come up and talk sweet to her and get her to smile but she was just not having it and Daniel said he could hear her out in the store! haha I felt bad but once we were done and out of the bathroom she was fine and back to being in a good mood. She sat in the highchair, ate well, and was smiling and watching all of the waitresses. She was also flirting with the baby boy at the table next to ours haha

As Andie gets closer to her first birthday, I’ve been thinking about all of the new things she’s learned in just this short year. Its amazing how fast babies grow and learn! Andie loves putting toys inside buckets and taking them back out, turning the lights on and off while I hold her up near the switchplate, she holds her shoes and socks up to her feet when she finds them, she’s able to maneuver her walker from side to side if she runs into something, and so much more! Right now she only says mama and dada and then makes the “b,” “n,” and “o” sounds. I read that typically there’s like a word explosion when they hit 18 months old–I can’t wait!!

IMG_5631 IMG_5651 IMG_5654 IMG_5667 IMG_5691 IMG_5702


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