48 Weeks


Our sweet Andie Joy turned 11 months old this past week! We are now less than a month away from her turning ONE YEAR OLD. WHAT?! I can’t believe I basically have a toddler – seeing her taking steps and starting to walk has just been so surreal. Daniel and I keep looking at pictures of her when she was first born and thinking, “Where is our little baby??!?!”

The best part of watching Andie grow up is seeing her personality come out even more and more. And let me tell you, I may be biased, but she has the BEST personality. She is just so happy, smiley, sweet, and funny! I love that she does things to get a laugh or to see how much she can get away with while having the cutest little smirk on her face. Just the best.


Andie’s been doing really awesome eating these days. We’ve discovered that she’ll eat just about anything we give her! Her current favorites are YoBaby yogurts (all flavors), cheese, broccoli, cheerios, noodles, and most of the Happy Baby / Happy Tot pouches. 🙂


IMG_5568 IMG_5566



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