47 Weeks


It was a big week for this little girl!! On Saturday, the 11th, I was upstairs drying my hair after showering when I heard Daniel yell up from the bottom of the stairs, “Rachel! Your daughter is walking!!” I ran downstairs as fast as I could and had them show me. Daniel had Andie stand right in front of him facing me just a few steps away and I called her to me — she looked at me and with a big smile on her face she took 3 steps!! I totally teared up of course; my little baby is starting to walk! It is so surreal watching her actually take steps–it seems like just yesterday we were cheering her on as she rolled over for the first time. AHH!

Andie also started saying “dada” this week. Daniel is SO happy! haha Apparently she said it for the first time while Daniel was giving her a bath but he said he wasn’t 100% sure. The next day the 3 of us were in the living room and she started saying it over and over! Yay!

IMG_5492 IMG_5493

On Sunday, went over to my parents’ house for dinner – Jäger-Spätzle! We had Andie in the highchair next to the table and my mom put some spätzle on her tray to try. WOW. That girl went crazy on those noodles! HAHA She barely breathed between bites; my mom had to keep shoveling noodles on her tray to keep up with her! My little German girl 🙂


The weather has been staying nice so we’ve been able to go on lots more walks too! That is something I’ve really missed – winter is so depressing when you’re stuck in the house. Last year, I used to take Andie out nearly every single day during the summer (unless it was WAY too hot) for walks and we’ll be doing the same this year! I think Daniel and I are going to start running with her too.

IMG_5480 IMG_5525


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