45 Weeks


It’s been 1 whole week of no helmet and it’s been awesome! I do not miss it at all and Andie doesn’t seem to know the difference haha We’ve been sporting headbands nearly every day – I’m loving it and realize I need to add more to our collection 🙂

We celebrated my mom’s birthday this past week the day before her actual birthday since my dad is working very long days (life of an accountant during tax season!) so the 3 of us went to my parents’ to hang out and then go out to dinner. We sat Andie in a highchair at the end of our table but after about 5 minutes, it was clear she wouldn’t be sitting there the whole time. Everything we gave her to play with ended up on the floor so she sat with Grandma and Grandpa for pretty much the remainder of our dinner haha She did so great though–ate pieces of baked potato, broccoli, chicken, and noodles! We also let her lick/suck on a lemon to see what she’d do and surprisingly, it did not really phase her at all! Daniel held the lemon up and let Andie put her mouth on it and she kind of made a face but nothing like those classic sour faces babies have when they first try it; so funny.

Andie also finally got really into the little walker my parents got her a few weeks ago. She walked with it up and down the hallway at least six times and did so well with it! It’s so amazing to watch your baby do things like this when you can remember like it was yesterday how excited you were to watch them simply roll over. I love this first year and how there is something new every week–sometimes every day! Since then she does laps with her own walker at home every day and loves it. She’s gotten so fast and squeals the whole time haha

There’s been some great weather lately so we’ve been trying to get outside with Andie whenever we can. A few days ago we took her out front and let her walk around while holding our hands–she’s been able to do it for a while now but she will walk a lot further and faster now! So adorable! I know it’s only a matter of time before she takes those first steps but for now, she’s not confident enough to take that first one. Can’t wait!!!

IMG_5294 IMG_5295


IMG_5296 IMG_5298

Andie’s also gotten very good at feeding herself. She can quickly pick up anything and put in her mouth to eat now. If I’m feeding her something with a spoon (such as yogurt, which is a fave of hers), she grabs it and starts putting the spoon in her own mouth as well. Pretty much telling me, “Momma, I’m a big girl! I can do it myself!” This really is such a fun age!

Nothing has changed as far as naps–still operating on one nap each day -_- I guess I thought she’d be a little older when she dropped her second nap but that’s definitely not the case. It’s even not that long of a nap–she generally does about 1 hr 15 min – 1 hr 30 min. Makes for a preeeeetty long day but she’s in a great mood so that is SUPER helpful.



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