Andie’s CT Scan

So as most of you know, Andie was scheduled to have a CT scan on Tuesday, March 24th, and then a follow-up appointment with the plastic surgeon to see if that right coronal suture had in fact fused. I decided that I’m going to be writing about each step of this journey for two reasons. One, I’d like to have this to look back on when all is said and done. Two, I want to share our journey not only so family and friends can stay updated but so that other families like mine will have something to reference. I’ve discovered how helpful it is to have support groups and other families to talk to that have been through what we’re about to go through. These are the only people who really understand! We were both pretty anxious about the scan and I really didn’t sleep very well the night before. I was able to breastfeed Andie up until 4 AM so I set my alarm for 3:30 AM to wake her to eat. She woke right up, ate, and went right back to sleep–thank goodness! We had to leave the house and be at the hospital by 8 AM so it was a pretty early morning for everyone but Andie was in a great mood and that made everything a LOT easier.

We checked in at the hospital and were walked back to the Radiation Sedation Unit by one of the nurses. We had been at the children’s hospital a few times but not for anything like this and not usually where there were other patients being seen in the same large room (had separate smaller rooms–some with see-through doors, others separated just with curtains). We walked in and there were other families in some of the rooms with babies smaller than Andie. Like really small. I immediately not only felt anxious about Andie but those other little babies too. We were put into a corner room and they got Andie’s basic vitals, weight, and height. Then another nurse, Nurse Jen, took over and went over everything with us.

She applied a numbing gel on both Andie’s hand and her arm so that she’d have two possibilities when it came to inserting the IV. After that, he started hooking her up to the blood pressure and heart monitors. We had to wait about 15 – 20 minutes to make sure the numbing gel did its job so in the meantime Andie kept trying to mess with the screen of the monitor haha She was happy and smiley which was surprising because we figured she’d be getting grumpy due to being hungry! Once time was up, Nurse Jen brought in another nurse and they were ready to start doing the IV.

After using a vein checker, they decided that the vein in her arm looked much too deep so they were going to go with her hand. They wrapped her up in a sheet to keep her other arm and legs somewhat restrained so she wouldn’t move too much and I halfway draped myself over her legs and had my face right up near hers so she’d see me the whole time. Daniel stayed up by her head on standby with a tiny dropper of some sugar water to give her while they were doing the IV in order to distract her. They got the IV in there but it wouldn’t flush and Andie was really crying. I felt so bad for her–I almost started crying too. They took it out and Nurse Jen was visibly upset and even said so–she said she hated making those little babies cry. What a special person you have to be to do what they do all day!!

After they got her unwrapped, I held Andie and she calmed down after about a minute and was back to smiling. The nurses decided they would try her foot next so while I held her on my lap, they applied some numbing gel and then went for it. Andie did cry but not that much and they were pretty fast, as well as successful this time, so it was over in about a minute or so. Once the IV was in place, they wrapped up her foot so she wouldn’t pull on it or anything and then we waited to meet the doctor who would be in the room with the nurse and Andie during the CT scan. While we were waiting, there was a little girl, maybe 6 or 7 (I’m not a very good judge of age), who was across the room crying and yelling “Don’t poke me! Please don’t poke me!” — it was so sad. Some of those kids have to go there all the time and have scans done where they need to be sedated and the older ones know what’s going to happen so they get all worked up and upset. 😦 I was thankful then, that at least Andie was too young to understand or know what was happening.

We met the doctor, went over consent forms and then we wheeled down to the scan room. The whole hospital is painted and decorated in an under the sea theme so the scan room had ocean themed stickers everywhere and on the machine itself as well as moving ocean images projected onto the ceiling. I was holding Andie the whole time and while they were getting things ready in the scan room. Once they had everything set up, it was time for Daniel and I to leave the room so they could sedate Andie and perform the scan. Andie did so well, when it was time to hand her over she didn’t cry at all and went right to Nurse Jen. We walked out of the room and were told we could go into a waiting room across the hall but neither of us wanted to wait in there so we paced the hallway….crying. We were only separated from her for 2 or 3 minutes but it was so hard to leave her in there.

Once they were done, they came out with her in the little bed, still sedated, but they said she did great. We were wheeled back into that large room where we started but in the recovery area. Nurse Jen told us that it could take up to 10 minutes before she’d wake up but that we could start talking to her and trying to wake her. We kissed her, talked to her, rubbed her little belly and waited. Nurse Jen said that she’ll wake up and go from 0 to 60 and we weren’t quite sure what she meant until all of a sudden Andie woke up, flipped over onto her hands and knees and started smiling at us! Haha! We were definitely not expecting her to wake up like that lol She was in a great mood and I started nursing her just a few minutes later. After she ate and we had been there for 15 minutes after she woke up, we were clear to leave! We came home and Andie was her normal self–playing and laughing. She’s the best. We were told to watch her during her first nap just to be safe so Daniel sat in the glider next to her crib while she napped–only 30 minutes, but still napped! That afternoon at 2:30 we were to have her follow-up appointment with the plastic surgeon to discuss the results of the scan so we anxiously waited until then.

I will write another post about the follow-up appointment and more since this is already MUCH longer than I anticipated! Ha!


IMG_5358 IMG_5359


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