41 Weeks


Since Andie LOVES Mickey Mouse Clubhouse so much, Daniel and I decided to go buy her a Mickey Mouse toy this week! This is Sing & Giggle Mickey–he sings the Hot Dog Dance song and giggles; she loves it 🙂 I cannot wait to take her to Disney World one day; she is going to go NUTS.

Andie’s been doing even better with food lately. There are some times where she still just will only have a few bites and then be done but for the most part, she’s doing pretty good! I took Andie over to my parents’ house on Saturday (Andie and I usually go over there every Saturday) and we sat her in the highchair next to us during dinner. My mom was able to get her to eat a bunch of squash and mixed fruit – I couldn’t believe it! They were thicker purees so I think she likes that more and thankfully, since then, Daniel and I have gotten her to eat a decent amount of food as well. So far she has liked a variety of things but there is so much more to introduce her to!


We’ve graduated to the big tub! Her baby tub was just too small and I figured she was probably at the age where she should be getting used to the “big girl” tub. We’re actually probably overdue since I think most people do this whenever their babies are sitting well on their own and everything but oh well, we’re doing it now! I bought a bathmat at Target and she didn’t freak out or anything the first time we put her in there. She just loves bathtime! I hope that never changes!

Another new skill this week: Andie started clapping! She does it all the time – love it!

On Monday we had Andie’s 9 month well check appointment. She weighs 18 lbs 4 oz and is measuring at 27 inches long. Definitely not gaining a ton of weight anymore now that she’s so mobile! Everything else looked great, she’s meeting all of her milestones on time if not sooner and she didn’t have to have any shots this time. Yay! However, after our appointment, the doctor called and left a message saying that she talked to our main doctor and they were going to refer us to see the neurosurgery department at CHKD to address the facial asymmetry that Andie still has.

Last month our physical therapist recommended we go to plastics at CHKD to have a consult for it as well but we wanted to wait and talk to our orthotist and see what he thought. Right now, we’re waiting on the area above Andie’s right eyebrow to fill in with the help of the helmet. Until that happens, you can see some asymmetry in her face–primarily her eyes. We’re hoping that if that area above her right eye fills in, it will correct this. Our pediatrician and physical therapist were basically saying that they think there shouldn’t still be asymmetry. We have an appointment to see neurosurgery and the reason we are seeing them is because they will be able to determine whether the asymmetry is something to be concerned about or if its just going to be a cosmetic thing. Andie’s soft spot is close to closing up so that was another point of concern for our pediatrician because its a little premature and in terms of the helmet, once that spot closes, we won’t see very much more improvement.

We don’t know what it will mean if the doctor at CHKD thinks we need to intervene and honestly, I don’t really want to think about it until then because I’m already anxious about the whole thing. Just keep little Andie in your prayers and pray that everything will work itself out on its own without any intervention other than what we’re already doing with the helmet.


After days of snow and really cold temps, we had 70 degree weather today. Time to get out of the house!! We took a walk down to the playground near where we live and had fun pushing her in the swing for a little while. It was so nice to be outside longer than just going to and from the car! haha I could tell Andie was enjoying the fresh air too–she kept moving her feet around while in the stroller when the wind was blowing and it was so cool seeing the wind blow through her hair. She finally has enough hair for that to happen! haha When we finally have some nice weather to stay, Daniel and I really want to make sure we get out there and run with Andie in the stroller. I’ve been missing our daily walks – I can’t wait for spring/summer!!!

IMG_4981 IMG_4993 IMG_5013 IMG_5020 IMG_5033


3 thoughts on “41 Weeks

  1. She’s such a cutie! We NEED to find that toy for our daughter. She is also obsessed with MMCH and the Hotdog Dance is her favorite. We’ll keep her in our prayers. Hopefully the helmet does the trick.

    • Thank you!! If she’s obsessed like Andie is, you definitely need it! haha We got ours at Toys R Us but its a few dollars cheaper on Amazon 🙂 Also, really appreciate the prayers–we’re hoping the same!

  2. She is definitely in my payers! I’m sure everything will be alright though. She’s beautiful either way. I wish we had some good weather. Cortney has been outside once without being completely covered in her car seat and that was only for a couple of minutes.

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