40 Weeks


40 weeks old….wow. It’s hard not to think of myself at 40 weeks pregnant when I hear that phrase. I did weekly chalkboard updates during my pregnancy and the chalkboard now sits in Andie’s room still saying “40 weeks – waiting on baby!” I can’t bear to erase it!! haha


This week Andie has been standing on her own without any support constantly! She’s got great balance and whenever she does it, she gets so excited and proud of herself! πŸ™‚ All we’re waiting for now is some baby steps!!

As you can see, Andie’s been having some issues with dry skin (note her little red cheeks). The weather and dry air has exacerbated her eczema so we’ve had to be extra diligent about keeping her moisturized. We had been using Aveeno Baby lotion and for the most part it was working but hasn’t been cutting it lately. I started using coconut oil because it has so many properties that have been found to be extremely beneficial for babies with eczema or extra sensitive skin whereas other oils would only make it more tender and even dry it out further! :\ I’m sharing because the coconut oil has really seemed to be helping and I know there are lots of babies who have eczema or a little extra sensitive skin, especially this time of year.

Andie learned something new this week–how to play peek-a-boo! My parents watched her on Saturday for a few hours and they told me that she was playing that game with them using a blanket but I’d never seen her do it before. The next day I tried playing with her and gave her the towel and she did it! I’m surprised because while we’ve played peek-a-boo with her before, we really haven’t done it very often. So fun though and she is SO cute when she does it!

This week she officially became 9 months old as well. 9 months of the brightest light in our lives!

IMG_4892 IMG_4909 IMG_4923 IMG_4932 IMG_4938


2 thoughts on “40 Weeks

    • I’m thinking she might be!! AHH! lol Thank you–I found the fabric via Etsy and then a friend of my MIL sewed it for us πŸ™‚ I need to learn!!

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