39 Weeks


This week our house battled a cold together–first it was Andie and I, then we brought Daniel down with us after two days. Thankfully, Andie has just had a stuffy/runny nose and continued to be her happy self! Yay! She even slept pretty well too which was surprising. Not complaining! By the way, I’m not sure how we would have made it through without the Nose Frida. The concept is totally gross (if you don’t know what it is, just google it and you’ll see what I mean…) BUT it works better than anything else out there and if I have to use it to make sure my kid can breathe while she eats and sleeps, I will!!


Andie also had her first Valentine’s Day on Saturday ❤ Daniel had to work that evening so we all spent time together before he had to leave. We each got a card from each other and Andie as well as some candy! I think we agreed that we had the cutest and sweetest Valentine ever this year 🙂


Another exciting milestone happened as well: Andie’s second front bottom tooth arrived! She officially has two of her bottom teeth–I can’t believe it! I thought that I’d never want her to lose her gummy smile but now that’s she got those little teeth, that smile is somehow even cuter!! We started brushing her teeth as well with some baby toothpaste and a baby toothbrush and she absolutely loves it. I was worried that she wouldn’t like us putting something in her mouth like that but she bends forward while we hold her and opens her mouth like a pro! She smiled and laughed during the first time so we’re happy.


We also got Andie a new car seat! She was still 15 pounds from meeting the weight limit of her infant car seat but she was getting too long for it so we knew we needed to upgrade to a convertible seat. We ended up finding a great one that will grow with her until she reaches the age where she no longer needs a seat at all. The car seat we got is the Evenflo Platinum Symphony lx – so far we are pretty happy with it (we got a dark purple color–Josefina)! It was super easy to install, it seems really comfy,  has great reviews, and a lot of other specifications that we love. We also got a great deal at BRU! Woo!

IMG_4850 IMG_4861 IMG_4864



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