38 Weeks


Happy Valentine’s Day! ❤

Whew, this past week was semi-rough. Daniel had a different work schedule for a couple of days so I didn’t get the help I usually do during the day but he was there for bedtime which was great! One of those days was super frustrating–Andie had woken up a couple of times during the night so I was already pretty tired and then that day, she wanted absolutely nothing to do with a nap. I spent 2 hours trying to get her to sleep and she wasn’t having it. I’m not afraid to admit that I might’ve shed a few tears out of frustration and exhaustion. 😥 Eventually, she took ONE nap for about an hour and a half (thank goodness) but wow, that was a long day! You’d think she would have been in a terrible mood all day but she was actually pretty good–I was just tired and needed time to recharge. When Daniel got home that evening he took Andie out and I laid in bed to read for a while and just decompress. I felt a LOT better after that! Thankfully, Andie got back on track with her naps after that day!!

Andie has picked up a new skill this past week: waving! We’ve been working with her for a few weeks saying “bye-bye” and waving to her and eventually she started waving back! It is so cute and I can’t wait to see her get better and better at it. 🙂 For a few weeks Andie has also been taking steps with her Vtech Sit-to-Stand Walker which is pretty cool too! She’s also suddenly become aware of the stairs since she likes to try to follow Bandit a lot more now and is more than capable of climbing them but I’m discouraging that!! For one, it scares the crap out of me and two, we don’t have very good baby gate options because of the type of banister/railing we have. It’s not like I’m not right there watching her anyways so I don’t feel like a baby gate is really needed at this point–maybe when she starts walking!

We visited my dad at work last Friday and Andie did so good meeting everyone as my dad carried her around the office! He took us out to Starbucks too and Andie had a great time sitting in the little highchair watching people come and go. 🙂 She’s very observant and loves people watching, especially if it’s another little kid or baby!

IMG_4721 IMG_4725

Case in point here: Andie would not look at me for the picture with my dad because she was too busy watching people in the breakroom haha

We had a trip to the doctor’s office over the weekend as well. I noticed at bathtime on Friday night that Andie had a rash all over her abdomen and her head looked red and splotchy too. I wasn’t particularly worried because there was no change in her behavior, no fever, and plenty of wet diapers but still concerned. The next morning I checked her body and it was still there so I decided to call the pediatrician’s office (our office has weekend hours–WOO!) to make an appointment to be seen. Turns out Andie’s skin is a little more sensitive so we can no longer use Johnson & Johnson (I’m a bigger fan of other brands anyway) and we can’t bathe her body every day anymore. We like to wash her head every day because of her helmet but after we changed products and went to bathing her body every other day, all is well! She also has a little eczema (that runs in my family–I only have some during the cold months) so we’re still making it a priority to make sure she is well moisturized, especially after baths. Just so glad we were able to remedy everything with some easy changes!


And then this happened. One of the cutest sights ever. I was upstairs getting ready for the day while Daniel played with Andie downstairs. I got out of the shower and I heard music playing but no typical high-pitched squealing or Daniel making crazy noises and being silly to get belly laughs from the baby. It was strangely quiet. haha After a few minutes I texted Daniel and asked what they were doing–no answer. I thought maybe they went outside for a minute or something like that but I walked halfway down the stairs and saw Daniel laid out on the floor with Andie passed out and sprawled on top of him! haha Apparently, Andie had pulled herself to stand at the TV stand once Daniel started playing music through our sound system but when a loud song came on she got startled and started whimpering 😦 Daniel got her and started consoling her by rubbing her back and he said for like 15 minutes he just laid there awake while he did that and then he looked down and her mouth was hanging open with her eyes closed! He was loving it because we don’t let her nap on us anymore but this was a super cute exception 🙂

IMG_4756 IMG_4772 IMG_4786

Andie sleeps with her butt up in the air these days haha!

Andie sleeps with her butt up in the air these days haha!


Aaaand this is what my living room looks like on a daily basis....the joys of having a mobile/busy child!

Aaaand this is what my living room looks like on a daily basis….the joys of having a mobile/busy child!


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