37 Weeks


I’m happy to say that we are back on track with sleeping and Andie is napping as well as sleeping at night SO much better. She has slept through the night as well as taken a TWO AND A HALF HOUR nap!!! It was awesome–I read and embroidered while Daniel was out back working on his surfboard. We could not believe she napped that long and so far she hasn’t done it again but she’s typically napping an hour to just under an hour and a half which is still amazing! YAY!

Andie had her monthly monitor for physical therapy this past week and things are still looking good. Her neck muscle on the side that had the Torticollis is still a little weak so we just need to make sure we are doing some strengthening exercises with her. Her plan of care is supposed to expire next month so here’s hoping that at her next monthly monitor we will be able to discharge!!

I’m pretty sure its just hormones but I have teared up a few times this week over the smallest things. One evening I was watching Say Yes to the Dress and started tearing up because I was thinking about how one day I’m going to be helping Andie pick out a wedding dress haha The next day I was just watching Andie crawl around, stand up and play and began tearing up because she looks so much more look a toddler than a baby these days. Ugh! She’s just getting so big and I’m already at the point where I’m thinking about what to do for her 1st birthday party. WHERE HAS THE TIME GONE?!

IMG_4671 IMG_4698

Andie loves to play with our hair but for some reason, she always laughs while playing with Daniel’s–it’s so funny!


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