36 Weeks


This week has been all about getting this girl to nap in the crib. For a while Daniel was the only one who could lay her down and she’d stay asleep. Every time I would lay her down, she’d wake right up and a lot of times wouldn’t go back to sleep no matter what I did. Those days were LOOOOONG days. However, I was finally successful this week at laying Andie down in the crib without her waking up and she slept for half an hour! I was so afraid to leave the room after laying her down that I just sat in the glider and closed my eyes until she woke up haha


Andie and I made our first trip to the public library this week too! I had a lot of books that I wanted to get rid of so I donated them to the library and got us a library card. The central library is just 5 minutes away from where we live and is the newest one in the area so we walked around and explored for a while! Upstairs they had a children’s area with lots of books and a play area so that was neat. I’d like to start taking Andie there maybe once a week to play and look at books. I’m also excited to start checking out my books instead of buying them–it’s taken me long enough!


On Sunday, Daniel and I had a date night which was awesome. I love having “us” time and treasure it so much more now that it doesn’t happen nearly as often as it used to!  My parents came over to our house and watched Andie while we went out and like usual, they all had a great time and Andie wore my parents out haha Love my family!!

IMG_4629 IMG_4630

Andie has become quite the fan of mozzarella cheese these days! I usually always buy mozzarella string cheese when I get groceries and I’ve been sharing with her when I have one for a snack. When she sees I have a piece for her, she opens her mouth and pushes her head forward to get that cheese in her mouth haha Yay! Daniel has also gotten her to eat organic oatmeal and shared some of his pears with her as well. SO happy that she’s finally not just showing an interest in our food but is interested in actually eating it! Babies really do just operate on their own schedule; Andie just wasn’t ready until now and that’s fine. 🙂

IMG_4574 IMG_4552 IMG_4607 IMG_4626

 Andie LOVES Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. She gets the biggest smile on her face as soon as Mickey shows up on the screen and when they do the intro song and the song at the end, she laughs and smiles the whole time. It is SO cute!!


2 thoughts on “36 Weeks

    • Thank you! 🙂 I’m so glad I finally went – my mom used to take my brother and I all the time when we were younger and we loved it!

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