35 Weeks


Andie turned 8 months old this month!! I seriously cannot believe we are the parents of an 8 month old baby. Just blows my mind.

This past week, Andie started saying “mama” and I melted into a puddle. She’s not saying it all the time but she’s going between that and “buh” or “bah” which she is saying most of the time. I love the babbling–it’s so cute! I was telling Daniel that the first time she says “I love you,” I will just bawl uncontrollably. How can a parent’s heart even handle that?!?

Andie has gotten really good at pulling to stand. She does it nonstop all day long–she’s so determined and even when she falls, she laughs and tries again! She’s gotten a lot faster, she’s even been letting go of whatever she was using to stand, and has started moving side to side a little bit too! Yay! We’ve also seen her stand, let go of whatever she was using for support, and stay standing for a few seconds. It’s so exciting seeing her do all these things–she’s such a big girl now.

About 3 or 4 nights of this past week have been really terrible in terms of sleep. It started the day I decided to start trying to get Andie to sleep in her crib for naps. She had already taken her morning nap with me (we usually nap together on the couch in the morning–I love it.) so I wanted to try the crib for her afternoon and early evening nap. Well, each time she woke up as soon as I laid her down and once I picked her up she never went back to sleep. -_- Just 1 nap for the day already had me exhausted because Andie is a very busy baby. That night, Andie woke up SEVEN times. I was almost in tears because I couldn’t figure out why she was waking up, I didn’t have help because Daniel was working, and I was just completely exhausted. Thankfully, the next day I was able to go back to sleep a few times in between feeding Andie before Daniel had to be at work. The next couple nights were similar (and Daniel was there for those so we switched off getting up with her) but then last night was back to normal (woke up once at 4:45 to eat). While Andie was gnawing on my finger today, I felt something and after she finally let me look at her bottom gums I saw part of a tooth!! No wonder she kept waking up, poor thing was cutting a tooth! That is going to be THE cutest smile with little baby teeth 🙂


We finally had some semi-warmer weather this past week so we took Andie out for a walk and to play at Mt. Trashmore. It was so much fun! We took a long walk and then we stopped at the playground and Andie got on a swing for the first time. She LOVED it! She kept smiling and laughing the whole time she was in it. Now that we know she likes the swing, we’ll be doing that a lot more often!

IMG_4518 IMG_4510

On Tuesday, we had another head scan to see what improvement there’s been with Andie’s head shape and we were so happy with what we saw. The back left has maybe a tad bit more to grow to make contact with the helmet but what we’re most concerned with is the front right. The head scan from Tuesday compared to the head scan from 6 weeks ago showed that there has been considerable growth in the front right! At this age (8 -10 months) is when you see the most growth so I’m sure at her next head scan (6 weeks from now), we’ll see a lot more improvement as well. Our orthotist is thinking that she’ll be wearing the helmet 23 hours a day until she’s about 10 – 10 1/2 months and then she’ll go to wearing it only at night. That’s only 2 more months!! This time with her wearing the helmet has gone by super fast so I know the next few months will fly by. WOO!


IMG_4470 IMG_4465


IMG_4491 IMG_4488


Also, I ate pizza for the first time in NINE months and it was glorious!!!!!



IMG_4544 IMG_4545



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