34 Weeks


Andie has jumped leaps and bounds in terms of development in the past two weeks–it’s crazy! For a little while she had been pulling herself up to her knees and standing on me or Daniel while we were on the floor playing. Then one night she woke up and when I looked at the video camera, she was up standing in her crib!! haha It was the weirdest thing to see! So after that happened, Daniel had to lower the mattress in her crib. Good thing we did it right away because every time she wakes up during the night or for the day, she is standing up in her crib looking at the door haha It’s so cute!

Andie also started making the “b” sound so she’s saying either “buh” or “bah” a lot of the time and is making the “m” sound sometimes too. I love it and I can’t wait until she is able to talk more – that little voice is going to be sooooo adorable!! She also loves squealing at the top of her lungs all day long, still making the raspberry sound, and really enjoys clicking her tongue. haha If one of us starts doing it, she’s able to copy us and go back and forth — it’s so funny!

I’ve tried to give Andie a taste of some other foods but still not going well so we’re continuing our little break. I’m thinking I’ll try again at the beginning of next week and may try just going forward with table food versus purees. We’ll see!

As for me, I got lots of “me time” this past week and it was awesome! On Sunday I just went upstairs and read a book in bed for an hour, Monday I went to Barnes & Noble for a couple hours to look around/work on by biz, and Tuesday I met a friend to get manicures! WOO! I’ve always been someone who really enjoyed and maybe even needed alone time and that couldn’t be more true now that I’m a mom. I feel so refreshed and recharged after just an hour or two doing something for myself, uninterrupted!

Also, I’ve slowly started reintroducing tomatoes into my diet. Andie hardly ever spits up anymore–maybe a tiny amount once a day, if that. A WORLD of difference after months of enough spit up to make Daniel and I change clothes several times a day!! haha It’s enough to make us think that her acid reflux is gone so I’m feeling confident that I may be able to fully return to eating everything I used to eat before Andie came along. So far I’ve had some tomato slices on sandwiches and a little ketchup on a burger and nothing happened! Yay!


IMG_4391 IMG_4392



IMG_4424 IMG_4429




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