33 Weeks


Andie is usually smiling in all of her weekly photos but this photo is just so her. I feel so lucky to have a baby who is just always in a great mood–always happy and smiling (and squealing A LOT these days)! Our days are vastly different from the beginning of her life although still sleep deprived 😉

During this week, we began a new year! I was a little sad to say goodbye to 2014 because it was SUCH a good year but I’m excited to see what’s in store for us in 2015. I did have plans to celebrate NYE but ultimately decided to stay home and stick to Andie’s bedtime routine which I’m really glad I did! Daniel was working so it was just me and for a few days before NYE, Andie slept horribly because we were out of town. Anyone else’s baby sleep like crap away from home?! I’m positive a lot of it has to do with being in an uncomfortable pack and play as well as just a different environment but wow, her sleep was terrible! Thankfully, she slept well and woke up one time on NYE and this momma got some much needed sleep. Good way to kick of 2015!! 😉

Andie started pulling herself up this week and can now push herself up to the sitting position! Yay! She’s been able to sit up unassisted for a while now but she was finally able to push up from being on her tummy to sitting–it was awesome watching her! She also began pulling herself up on me and Daniel – at first mostly to her knees and then a few times to her feet. She’s getting SO BIG. STOP TIME NOW. please?

We finally had a day where it wasn’t freezing cold so Daniel and I took Andie out to Town Center so we could walk around outside and get some lunch. I feel so bad that Andie hasn’t had really any exposure to the sun in a looong time because of the cold weather so we jumped at the opportunity to be out for a little while and get some fresh air! We got a delicious lunch with gelato–YUM. Andie also had a good time; she was squealing and looking all around the whole time haha 🙂

IMG_4292 IMG_4293


This picture cracks me up–look at how she is looking at my mom!! HAHA Solids is not really going like we thought it would….Andie just does not seem to like it that much. We’ve tried apples, avocado, bananas (which she did the best with), sweet potatoes, and carrots so at this point, I’m 99.9% sure it’s not the taste but the texture. I have even tried giving her larger pieces that she could hold but she just played with it. Of course, what we want her to put in her mouth she won’t but everything that she’s not supposed to put in there she does! We are still going strong with breastfeeding so I’m not super worried about it since she’s getting all the nutrition she needs from me. Right now, we’re taking a small break and will try again in about a week or so to see if that makes a difference.

IMG_4317 IMG_4337

IMG_4345 IMG_4349


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