Hello 2015


Happy New Year! I hope most of you are excited about all the possibilities the new year holds–I know I am!! 2014 was a truly amazing year for our family and I’m sad to say goodbye to it but there is something about a new year rolling around that gets me giddy and introspective.

I always make a list of goals at the beginning of the year–kind of like a New Year To-Do List that will hopefully all be checked off by the year’s end. In December I shared some business-y goals I have for 2015 but I thought I’d also share some of my personal ones as well!

1. READ MORE | I’ve always been a huuuuge bookworm and since having Andie, this activity has been almost nonexistent 😦 I’m happy to report that I’ve already started reading a book (Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn) and am thinking about sharing books I’ve read/thoughts about them on the blog.

2. MAKE A POINT TO SPEND TIME OUTDOORS AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE | Andie loves being outside and with the colder weather, we haven’t ventured out much. This year I want to make an effort to take advantage of each beautiful day and enjoy at least some part of it outdoors!

3. EXERCISE | I reeeeally fell off the exercise wagon last year while I was pregnant. I did walk a good deal and since Andie came along I’ve done more walking but not consistently. I’d like to get more serious about walking, running, doing yoga again, and really strengthening my body. I know this goal is kind of obnoxious because it’s everyone’s goal but hey, exercise is important!

4. TAKE MORE PICTURES / LEARN TO USE MY DSLR | Since Andie was born, I’ve naturally taken waaaay more photos than I ever have. Before she came along, we also bought a Nikon D3200 so we would have a camera that would take excellent photos to capture special memories. BUT I need to really learn how to use it so I can get those amazing photos.

5. COOK & BAKE MORE | Another thing I’ve kind of let fall to the wayside. When Daniel is home in the evenings, he really likes to cook and it’s something he feels he’s doing that helps me out (it SO helps!). However, I do enjoy cooking and baking too! I’d love to also make at least one new recipe per week.

6. BE MORE CREATIVE | I want to learn more embroidery techniques, maybe learn a new craft (thinking about knitting, weaving, sewing or all 3!), get back to music, but also be more creative with my time as well as my small business.

7. LOVE THE SPECIAL PEOPLE IN MY LIFE EVEN BETTER | I think one can always learn new ways to love their husbands, wives, kids, friends, etc. even better. If you want love to grow, you need to continue to nurture it.

8. GROW IN MY RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD | I need to make this a priority this year. As of right now, Daniel and I don’t have a church and that’s something we really want to make sure we take care of ASAP. Outside of that, I need to make sure I’m connecting with God and reading the Word daily.

9. GO ON A VACATION | I need one. My husband definitely needs one. I want to make sure we go somewhere together as a family this year–doesn’t need to be fancy or expensive, just time away to be with each other!

10. DECORATE | I think I get caught up thinking that where we’re living is a rental therefore why bother putting a lot of effort in decorating. Yikes. Even though we won’t be in this place forever, we’re living here NOW so I really should make more of an effort….My long term goal is to phase out a lot of our hand-me-downs (nothing is our style but realllly came in handy as newlyweds who didn’t have money to buy a bunch of new furniture!!) and finally decorate our home in our own personal style. First room I want to tackle is our bedroom–I’ve had our bedroom suite since 6th grade….SIXTH GRADE. It’s time to move on.

Do you have goals for 2015? Do we share any of the same ones?? Best of luck to everyone this year!


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