31 Weeks


Andie turned 31 weeks old on Christmas Eve! 🙂 And she officially reached 7 months of age on Sunday, the 21st. SEVEN MONTHS!!


This past week was all about getting ready for Christmas. We only got a few things for Andie because I knew at least that my parents were going to go a little crazy with her gifts haha Daniel and I each went shopping at different times with Andie for each other and she “helped” pick out some of our presents 🙂

I was so excited for this past weekend–our friends Sam + Chris came to visit!! We hadn’t seen them since Andie was about a month old so we were long overdue! We exchanged Christmas gifts, attempted to bake/decorate sugar cookies with a pre-made dough (note: do not take your sweet time and let the dough sit out too long…haha!), the guys played game after game of FIFA like the good ol’ college days, and we ended their visit with a lunch out at Gordon Biersch and a trip to Total Wine. 🙂 Much too short of a visit–we’ll be heading your way for the next visit guys!

Part of my Christmas gift to Sam!

Part of my Christmas gift to Sam!

Later on Sunday, after our friends left, Daniel and I went to his squad’s Christmas party for a couple of hours while my parents watched Andie. It still feels so weird to us when we go somewhere without her because we don’t do that very often but we had a great time! SO glad that Andie always does awesome with my parents which means we never have to worry about her the whole time we’re gone 🙂

We decided on Monday to finally take Andie to see Santa Claus and get her picture taken. What an experience that was….HAHA We arrive at the mall, Andie is looking adorable in her black leggings, red onesie, and her red/gray plaid pinafore over top of it with a cute gray headband to top it all off. We walk through the mall and get in line–we pick her up out of the stroller, we’re talking and suddenly Daniel looks at Andie and then says, “Rachel, I smell something. Do you?” I bent down to sniff Andie’s butt (one of the great things you get to do as a parent) and sure enough, that girl has done something awful in her diaper. Daniel grabs the diaper bag and races off to find a bathroom while I stay in line with the stroller–seriously, what a great dad; not afraid to tackle a potential disaster in a public bathroom. It’s almost our turn and I see Daniel walking back with Andie with a look on his face that says “You are lucky you weren’t there in that bathroom.” Sure enough, Andie had an explosive diaper that leaked not only onto her onesie but her pants as well. And no, of course we didn’t bring extra clothes. Thank goodness I went with the black pants! We finally got to the front and I went to sit Andie down on Santa’s lap. She seemed ok at first but as soon as I walked away and stood next to Daniel and the photographer, she lost it. Cried and cried! I went back over to her, tried to even sit down in the chair next to Santa while holding her and that didn’t help much either. She was fine as soon as we picked her up and walked away. Maybe next year Santa! We ended up purchasing one photo, even though she was crying, because I feel it is probably one of the best Santa photos you could ever get. It really is the quintessential 1st Santa Picture. Daniel and I were just cracking up. See for yourself!


I mean, it’s just kind of perfect isn’t it? haha

Tuesday night my parents were gracious enough to watch Andie again for a couple hours so Daniel and I could have a date night! We hadn’t had one in a long time so we were excited to go out and have some “us” time. Going to a movie was our original plan but none of the movies we wanted to see were playing at a time that worked for us so we did dinner instead! We ended up at Yardhouse which is always just so so good–we went all out with drinks, appetizer, and dinner. I think we really need to make sure we do a date night at least once a month; its just so important to have that time together outside of the house every now and then!! Andie still doesn’t use a bottle (mostly my fault because I haven’t tried and its just so much easier without one since I’m home with her all day) so I feed her right before we go out and she’s good for at least 2 hours. PARENTS OF BABIES: Feed your baby, get a babysitter (bonus if you have family who can babysit for free), and go on a date! It’s not that hard and you’ll feel refreshed as well as hopefully very full of wonderful food you didn’t have to cook or clean up. 🙂


On Wednesday, it was finally Christmas Eve!! Christmas Eve is when my family opens presents so Andie was included this year which was super special for me. Andie got some great toys and clothes from my parents, brother, and my grandparents–so excited for her to have new toys to play with! She really enjoyed all the wrapping paper; she did pull some of it while opening her presents but I helped her with the majority of it. Mostly, she just wanted to chew on the paper and thrash it around haha

One of my favorite things she got is the LeapFrog My Pal Violet puppy. It is just the cutest thing and you can go online to customize it so that the puppy says her name, favorite animal, food, and color. She sings songs, says activities for Andie to do with her (which she doesn’t understand now but will later on), and even does a nighttime music segment. So adorable and Andie loves her! 🙂

IMG_4203 IMG_4236

Daniel and I also got some great gifts this year and our big joint gift from my grandparents was a new microwave which we desperately needed! Very excited about that! Daniel says his Christmas has been a very manly one–power tools, accessories for the surfboard he’s shaping, remote control helicopter…haha 🙂 I got some new clothes, books (currently reading Gone Girl, next up: Yes Please), my little brother bought me diamond stud earrings(!!!), gift cards, candy/chocolate, a stainless steel Starbucks cup–pretty much all my favorite things. It’s been a great Christmas so far! Today, we are headed up to Charlottesville to celebrate the holiday with some of his family–Christmas is extended! 🙂

I’ll write about our first Christmas Day together in Andie’s 32 week update but until then, I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas!!

IMG_4145 IMG_4147 IMG_4153 IMG_4158


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