Giving Back

Aside from making 2015 all about the hustle, I really want to make the new year about giving back as well. At this point, I feel like the best way I can do that is by fundraising through my small business with Chloe + Isabel.

My idea is to host or co-host an in-person or online pop-up fundraiser for a different cause/organization each month and donate a percentage of my commission to that cause/org!

With that said, I’m now booking fundraisers for 2015! If you are a part of an organization or are just very passionate about a certain cause and are interested in partnering with me to raise money for it, please contact me! The great thing about this is that you don’t have to be in close proximity to me because we can fundraise online as well. As a host, you’ll also have the chance to earn some FREE jewelry which, lets be honest, who wants to pass that up? 😉 Below is the January Host Special!


I will say that for the months of September and October I have already chosen to fundraise for the oncology department at CHKD (local children’s hospital) and the Breast Cancer Research Foundation respectively. If you’d like to partner with me for either one, let me know!

I’m hoping this will take off and that I’ll be able to raise enough funds to be able to give a generous donation to each cause/organization. Help me make it happen!!


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