30 Weeks


This past week we got even more great news about Andie’s physical therapy/helmet journey–we have now been cleared to only go to PT once a month!! WOO! Not only does this help us even more financially (we went from having to pay $80 a week, to $40 a week, then $40 every two weeks, and now just $40 a month), but most of all, this means that she is doing really great developmentally and her torticollis is near nonexistent. CHKD and having good health insurance has been such a blessing for us!! Our physical therapist has been awesome and she’s really happy with how Andie is doing. Yay for progress! 🙂


Andie has also gotten a LOT more interested in the Christmas tree/skirt! When she’s on the floor crawling everywhere she always makes a bee-line for the tree; especially now that we have presents under there haha 🙂 Also, I miiiiight have teared up wrapping and putting Andie’s first Christmas present under the tree….

IMG_4122 IMG_4123

I know Andie is not going to remember this Christmas at all but we’re still pretty excited about it! I think she’s going to have a lot of fun tearing apart the wrapping paper lol She loves that crinkling noise!


This little pose has been happening a ton more lately as well haha If she pushes up just a liiiiitle bit more, she’ll be able to push herself up into a sitting position–she’s getting really close! Andie’s also been getting on her hands and knees about every chance she gets. We’re seeing the amount she does it increase day by day, I just know she’ll start really crawling any time now!

IMG_4041 IMG_4054

IMG_4077 IMG_4079

Anybody else’s kid gnaw on their jawbone or chin?!?! Those gums are no joke! haha


IMG_4114 IMG_4121

Andie loves a good bath and a good rubber ducky 🙂


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