Goals for 2015


I’ve been brainstorming a lot about my goals for the new year and one word to sum it all up is HUSTLE.

This year I’d like to:

  1. Grow my small business with Chloe + Isabel. If you haven’t checked out my boutique yet, you can click on the icon in my sidebar! I am loving this company and the other Merchandisers. Everyone is so positive and lifts everyone up–the amount of support I have been given since the day I started has been amazing! I have some great ideas for 2015, one of them being fundraising, which I will be writing a separate blog post about hopefully sometime this week. I’ve been so inspired by some of these ladies–they hustle. hard. and are making thousands of dollars in commission; I know it’s possible and I would love to make that happen for me and my family!
  2. Evolve this blog. I want to continue writing about Andie and family life but I’d also like to write about other things as well. Writing has always been an incredible outlet for me and its the way I can communicate what I’m feeling/thinking best. I’m interested in exploring some other topics to share!
  3. Start doing embroidery commissions. I constantly feel a tugging at my heart when it comes to embroidery. I still have so much to learn and improve on but that’s what I love about it. There’s so many new techniques and stitches–keeps things interesting! Opening a shop either via this blog or something like Etsy is something I’d really like to do. I have been brainstorming like crazy and have so many great ideas for hoops – I’m hoping that most of them will come to fruition!

Those goals will hopefully help me do this:

  1. Throw more money at my student loans
  2. Have an awesome 1st birthday party for Andie
  3. Take a nice vacation either just me and Daniel or the 3 of us


What are your goals for the new year? Do you have a “word of the year”? I think I’m pretty set on “hustle” being my word of the year for 2015!


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