28 Weeks


My sweet sweet baby is growing up!! This past week, Andie started army crawling!!!! We knew she was getting close because she started doing this half roll/half scooting forward to get to things for about two days and then on the third day, she was doing the army crawl! It is so crazy how babies just wake up one morning and can all of a sudden pull off a new skill. She is getting pretty good at getting around and going where she wants to go. Right now she likes to go between pulling things off the bottom of our coffee table and pulling DVDs off the TV stand haha! In the past two days she’s been getting on her hands and knees by herself and yesterday she started rocking back and forth while doing it. I have a feeling full on crawling is in our very near future!

photo 2

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This past week was also Thanksgiving and we had a great time. Every year we go to Daniel’s dad’s house – it’s sort of like a reunion for that side of the family because that’s really the only time during the year we ever all see each other! This year was exciting because it was Andie’s 1st Thanksgiving and it was also the first time a lot of Daniel’s relatives have met her! πŸ™‚ She did so great while we were there–her and her cousin were on their best behavior! The food was delicious as always and the time spent together was too short, as always. My mom also came along this year because my dad and brother went to WI to go to the Packers v. Patriots game at Lambeau Field and the Badgers game in Madison as well!


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The 29th was me and Daniel’s 11 year dateaversary! That number still blows our minds. It’s hard to believe that we met so young (I was 14 and he was 16 when we started dating) and now here we are, married with one baby! I can’t tell you how blessed I always feel that we found each other so early in life and that we’ve had the opportunity to grow together and experience a lot of life together already. He’s an amazing father as well. If I had to go somewhere for a few days and leave Daniel with Andie, I wouldn’t be worried at all. He handles fatherhood like a pro! On the days that he has off from work, he gives her baths, lets me sleep in in the morning, puts her to bed, takes her out or hangs out at home with her while I shower or just to give me a little alone time–just very hands-on. I think I’d be pulling my hair out or be functioning like a zombie if I didn’t have his partnership! So thankful!

From our engagement photos :) Photo credit: Charity Campbell

From our engagement photos πŸ™‚ Photo credit: Charity Campbell

Β We’ve continued trying to feed Andie solids and its going….alright. We’ve obviously made several attempts by now and I’m thinking that each time, she probably only gets about a teaspoon. I think she is still weirded out by the texture but hopefully she’ll start getting used to it soon! How long did it take your babies to get used to solids at first? I’m curious how long this might take! haha


2 thoughts on “28 Weeks

  1. Omg love her chambray shirt! ❀

    Happy dateaversary πŸ™‚ He sounds like a really great dad and a great guy in general. πŸ™‚

    We're going the BLW route with solids. He hasn't seem bothered by the different textures (except that it's harder to pick up slimy foods like bananas). Have you tried giving her any finger foods yet? πŸ™‚ Each baby is different though and will definitely eat solids at SOME point. Just keep trying, and at some point she'll want it, I think! πŸ™‚

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