Six Months


It’s been half a year and somehow, it feels like it’s both flown by and moved at the speed of a turtle at the same time. Parenthood is a lot like that in general–you’re moving/thinking/feeling at 50 different speeds all at once! Not to mention all of the ups and downs; so many can occur in just one day (let alone 1 hour) but thinking of them all in the course of 6 months is mind blowing.

I remember when we hadn’t figured out Andie had acid reflux yet and Daniel and I would just sit there, trying to console her during her screaming/crying fits lasting well over an hour, and just staring at each other. It was almost like we were hoping the other would suddenly think of something magical that could help Andie and restore our sanity. At the time, I thought, “I can’t even dream of what it will be like to get past this. Will we ever sleep? Will she ever stop screaming?” There are so many times as a new parent that you just feel so hopeless or lost but you know what? We did sleep (eventually). Andie did stop screaming for hours on end. We got her reflux under control and we made it through plenty of other obstacles that we never anticipated!

About a week or so ago, Daniel and I were on the way to take Andie to her therapy session and I said, “You know, parenthood is nothing like I thought it would be.” Daniel said, “Yea, it’s awesome!” “It is awesome,” I said, “but there are so many things we’ve had to deal with that I never even thought of when I thought about having a baby. Reflux, which has now turned into us taking her to physical therapy, the helmet…” “That’s true, but she’s so great. I love her so much.” I felt like maybe he thought I was complaining (I explained that I wasn’t) but instead I was just making an honest observation. When you’re pregnant or even before then, when you’re dreaming about having a baby and what it might be like, you always hear only one thing–you’re not going to sleep at all. That’s the only thing people tell you! No one tells you about all of the other things you might have to deal with so when they do happen, its such a shock. I can’t even imagine what it must be like for first time parents (or really any parent for that matter) who have a child with a major illness. You just aren’t prepared for anything that could go wrong whether it be minor or major. While these things do happen, what I know that Daniel and I remember most is all the joy. The smiles. Laughs. Watching her learn new skills. Introducing her to new things. Cuddles. The list goes on and on!

These 6 months have been so rewarding. Daniel says this all the time but it truly is difficult to remember a life without her in it. I still find myself looking at her while she’s playing or sleeping and thinking, “Wow, I can’t believe I have a baby. I can’t believe she’s all ours forever.” It sounds cheesy, and maybe it is, but I honestly do think that at least once a day! These days I feel torn between wishing she’d be little forever and wanting to jump forward to see what she’ll be like as she gets older. I am constantly wondering what her voice will sound like, what she’ll be interested in, what her hair will look like, whether she’ll want to play sports like we did, what her talents will be, if she’ll be tall….there’s so much!! I definitely feel privileged that I get to be her momma and I’ll be the first to witness all of it. As of right now, here’s a snapshot of Andie at 6 months:

  • Her hair is getting longer–it’s gotten lighter up top but she still has that dark patch at the nape of her neck that she’s always had. For a while it looked like, what I lovingly dubbed, the “upside down Charlie Brown” because of her lack of hair on top of her head!
  • Big, beautiful, blue eyes. I really hoped that she’d have blue eyes and it seems that they are definitely here to stay. Not to be biased but I think light eyes are just the most beautiful!
  • Loves tags. She will find the tag on nearly anything: burp cloth, toy, etc. and start sucking on it as opposed to playing with the actual toy a lot of the time haha
  • Separation anxiety has set in. She’s at the age now where I can’t even walk around the corner out of her eyesight without her starting to cry. She also doesn’t like to be held too long by someone else; she’ll start crying but as soon as she’s in my arms, all is well!
  • Started stretching out the time between nursing a little longer. Up until about a few weeks ago Andie was very consistent about eating exactly every 2 hours but recently she’s been ok for going a little longer: 2 1/2 to 3 hours between feedings has been normal lately
  • I’ve been binge watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix (only a few episodes left now) and Andie has come to love the theme song. Every time it plays, she whips her head around to look at the TV and has the biggest gummy smile! She even squeals sometimes!
  • Squealing! It’s her new fave. She mostly does it while she’s playing and it is hilarious. You can tell she enjoys listening to herself – babies are so funny haha
  • Rolling like a pro. Andie’s been rolling for quite some time now but she’s gotten very good at rolling to get to whatever it is she’s got her eye on and being super quick about it! She’s taken over the entire living room now. We don’t have carpeted floors downstairs so we have a couple big blankets piled on top of each other and spread out so she can comfortably get around. It’s probably time we invest in an area rug….
  • Sleep. Hmm….we have a rollercoaster history with sleep. Andie started sleeping through the night at 10 weeks old then just about 2 weeks before turning 4 months old she stopped. She was waking up several times a night again and as of almost 2 weeks ago, she’s slept in her crib in her own room. Once we got her transferred to the crib, she woke up twice a night. Then 4 nights ago it became only once, and the past 3 nights? SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT. HALLELUJAH!!!!!
  • Lots of laughs. Andie is a pretty happy baby–laughing and smiling a lot! Her laughs are kind of half actual laugh, half squeal – the best. For a while it always sounded like a cough but it’s evolving! haha Daniel can make her laugh the most; it is SO cute!!
  • Favorite toys: Baby Einstein Learning Pad, IKEA cat rattles, Sophie the Giraffe , Vtech Touch and Swipe Baby Phone , Baby Einstein Baby Neptune Activity Center, and the Pink Bumbly Double Fun Exersaucer 
  • Andie likes to bounce–we’ll hold her so she is standing on us or the floor and bounce her up and down. She thinks its so much fun and smiles the whole time 🙂 We’d love to get one of those jumper things you install in the door frame but we really don’t have any door frames downstairs where it would make sense! 😦
  • Sitting is going well. She is capable to sitting up unassisted for a little while, she’s still a little wobbly but getting better all the time! She’s showing signs of wanting to sit up on her own from a laying down position so I’m sure within the next month or so, she’ll be doing it!

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