25 Weeks


I’m so proud of Andie this week. This past week she not only started wearing her new helmet full-time but began sleeping in her crib at night as well! I waited to start the crib sleeping until Daniel’s first day off because well, I was afraid after reading about so many people who have had a terrible time getting their babies to transition to the crib and I wanted a partner for battle. I wish I hadn’t been so afraid because Andie rocked it like a superstar!! She is sleeping better in her crib which is amazing–we really think a good deal of her terrible sleeping in the pack and play was due to being uncomfortable. Now she’s on a super nice mattress as opposed to a thin mat. I was excited about finally getting her into her crib and for her to actually use her nursery but I was sad at the same time. Daniel may have even been sadder than I was! For almost 6 months, we’ve had Andie by our side at night so it was definitely hard to leave her in her own room that night….I laid her down and watched her for a couple minutes to make sure she was good and couldn’t help but tear up. Our little girl is growing up!!

I’m sure I’ve mentioned it on here before but we’ve also had a lot of trouble with nap time. Andie naps but she’s always had to nap on one of us – she’d lay down at night, no problem, but for naps? Forget it. So for every nap, for nearly 6 months, she’s slept on one of us. We knew we had to start trying to lay her down again (we had tried before but it never worked) so for her evening nap about a week ago, Daniel laid her down on the couch right next to his legs and after about 10 minutes of screaming and crying, she fell asleep and napped! We did the same thing for every nap after that and she fought it less and less. Now, I’m able to hold her for a few minutes until I feel like she’s asleep, and then lay her down on the couch next to me without her waking up or any tears! It only took 6 months….

Another cool thing that happened was on Monday. I took Andie upstairs to her room for a diaper change and then I put her in her crib to play and look at the mobile. Daniel came in a few minutes later and started playing his guitar while sitting in the glider. As soon as he started playing, Andie stopped what she was doing and just stared at me for about 5 minutes. Then I noticed her eyes started getting small and then they started closing and opening, which happened a few times until they eventually closed and she fell asleep! In her crib! We couldn’t believe it, it was the best feeling. I’m pretty sure we even high fived. haha She slept like that for 40 minutes and it was awesome!


Andie’s officially been in her helmet for 1 week as of Thursday and she’s doing so great with it. We had another appointment with the Orthotist on Wednesday and he made a few changes to the helmet per my request. He drilled 5 small holes in the back of the helmet to create some more ventilation which has helped her sweaty head dramatically (she had gotten a heat rash on her head the previous day so I asked him if there was anything we could do) and he shaved down the parts of the helmet that come down over her cheeks. I’m so happy with how well she’s doing and we can’t wait to see her first head scan since wearing the helmet after she hits 6 weeks!


Andie LOVES Bandit. Just loves him. Anytime she sees him enter the room or walk near her, she stops what she’s doing and watches him with the biggest smile on her face–it’s so cute! He always walks up to her when she’s in her exersaucer and she reaches out her hand towards him so he will rub his head up against her hand. It seems like he’s become more aware of her since she’s become more aware of him. I hope they’ll be good buddies as she continues to get older!

Andie has also become very fond of squealing just to squeal. She’ll do it as loud as she can and it’s hilarious–you can tell she’s testing out her voice and really enjoying it! haha I took her to my parents’ house over the weekend and she was able to play in the new exersaucer that they got her. Andie loved it so much and played in there for at least 20 minutes! They had the little snugabunny rocker seat for her but she’s just not content in there anymore so they decided to get her something else to sit and play in which was awesome.



2 thoughts on “25 Weeks

    • Thank you! Haha yea, so far I have been able to intervene before she pulls his tail but I’m sure it’ll happen sooner or later! πŸ˜‰

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