23 Weeks


Look at that attitude! Already got the model pose down with an extra helping of sass–my girl just looks so grown up here. Help!

This past week we’ve seen a good deal of improvement in Andie as far as physical therapy therapy goes. At her appointment this past Monday, our therapist told me that she’s very happy with how well Andie is doing and that if she continues to see improvement over the next couple weeks, she would be comfortable with us just doing therapy once a month!! YAY! I left there feeling so proud of Andie and proud of Daniel and I too–we work with her a lot and its paying off. 🙂 Since she’s been pushing up and extending her arms a lot, the therapist is having us work on putting more weight on Andie’s arms by pushing her up on her knees. She can hold it for a few seconds and seems to like it – she laughs every time, its so cute!

IMG_3600 IMG_3617

She’s doing better and better with sitting up and she will now lift herself up after being propped in the corner of the couch and will sit up on her own playing with a toy! She did it the other night while we were eating dinner and sat like that for at least 2 whole minutes. SO cool! Also, check out those arm rolls–can’t get enough!!!


On Saturday, Andie and I went with my parents and brother to Home-a-Rama 2014 in Suffolk. It was such a beautiful day and perfect for walking around! This year there were 7 houses available to tour–I think we all agreed that there was only 1 house we were all pretty impressed with as opposed to previous years where we couldn’t make up our minds. It’s still a lot of fun though! Andie did so great; we were there for at least 3 hours and I wore her in the wrap. She looked around the whole time without making a sound until the second to last house when she completely zonked out. I was so proud of her! We spent the rest of the day hanging out at my parents’ house and then we went home in time to start her bedtime routine.

Lately Andie has screamed the whole way home when we leave my parents’ house at night and I’m not sure why…she’s always been amazing in the car but the last couple of times I’ve left with her she cries and screams until we’re about 2 minutes from home. I don’t know if it’s because she’s overtired or possibly is at an age where she doesn’t like to feel as though she’s alone in the dark? It is crazy how quickly babies go from preferring one thing to another. Also, babies of the world, why would you rather cry about being tired than just closing those beautiful little eyes?? Mystery.

photo 1 IMG_3590 IMG_3604 IMG_3607 IMG_3610


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