21 Weeks


It may officially be Fall but the weather lately would indicate otherwise. 80 degrees mid-October? Crazy! That’s ok though, Andie still has some cute warmer weather outfits she’s got to wear a few times before we have to put them away! πŸ™‚ She’s now wearing 9 month size clothes while still fitting into some 6 month stuff. Can’t believe it. I was actually reorganizing her clothes the other day and started tearing up as I stored away her newborn – 3 month sizes. How was my little baby that small and how is she as big as she is now?!?!

I haven’t talked too much about Andie’s physical therapy lately but we have an update! As I had said before, we we have been paying $80 for 2 hours of therapy every week which we ultimately didn’t question because its what Andie needed. However, we’ve noticed a lot of improvement and Daniel began questioning why we were going twice a week and felt that we should bring it up with the therapist. I’m so glad he did because she said that she didn’t feel that would be a problem at all, that Andie has improved a lot (we’ve even noticed a difference in her head shape!!), and wouldn’t mind us going to once a week from now on! Hallelujah! Not only does that mean Andie is doing well and improving but we are able to save a lot of money. That difference in Andie’s head shape I mentioned? She used to have a flat spot on the back left side of her head and now you can’t even feel it anymore–it’s rounded out! Yay! I still see the bulging out on the back right and the front left of her head and if they’ve improved, it would be hard for us to tell so we won’t know that until we go get our head scan on the 21st of this month.

Andie met another milestone on Monday….she FINALLY rolled from her tummy to her back!!! YAAAYY!! At first I thought it was an accident because she has done that once before but she just kept doing it over and over πŸ™‚ Woo! It’s hilarious watching her on the floor now because she just keeps rolling until she can’t roll anymore. We’ve a large blanket laid out on the floor for her since the activity gym is much too small of a space now and she rolls the entire length of it! She’s figured out that she can roll to get to things which is fun to watch and she actually enjoys tummy time now. The other night, Andie was playing and rolling for more than 30 minutes! She is also getting really good at pushing up and extending her arms as well as doing complete 360 turns while on her tummy. She’s going to be crawling before we know it! We’re so excited about her new “trick” and play time lasts so much longer which is amazing!


Our little one has also officially grown out of her Puj tub–actually, she’s probably been too big for it for a while now but we finally went out and got her a big girl bath tub. It’s definitely a lot more work giving her baths now because I have to constantly keep one hand on her and she likes kicking her feet in the water to splash but she seems to enjoy it! I started giving her a bath every night for the past week instead of every other day since I’ve noticed she has some cradle cap. I had no idea babies could get it later on but it seems that she has so shampooing and brushing is a must right now. Plus, its one more thing that will relax her a little more before bed!


We’re still dealing with her waking up during the night and at this point, it feels like we’ll never have our nights back where she slept completely through 😦 At this age, it’s either sleep regression or teething and right now I feel like its a little of both. We actually had to give her some Acetaminophen (Little Remedies brand) one night last week because it was obvious her little gums were hurting–thankfully it seemed to help! Then another day, Andie had a stomachache which I’m still unsure how she had one. She hadn’t pooped in almost 24 hours which generally speaking is fine for an EBF (exclusively breastfed) baby but for Andie, that’s not normal. I could hear her tummy making noises and she was pretty fussy. I did some research on the Internet (thank God for the Internet….what did moms do before it?! haha) and found something that said to try taking their temperature with a rectal thermometer because that may make them go. Well, it worked! haha She was so much better afterwards and was completely chill the rest of the night.

This past Friday, my friend Jessica came over with her 3 month old daughter Chloe and we hung out for a while and took the girls on a walk outside since it was so nice. Its going to be so much fun when we can get them together and they can actually play with each other! I’m so glad I have a friend who has a daughter close in age to mine and who’s husband does what Daniel does–its a very different life and its nice to have someone else who understands!!

IMG_3451 IMG_3452 IMG_3453 IMG_3454

Really love Baby Einstein toys! She is loving this learning pad and gets so excited when she realizes that she is the one causing it to make noises πŸ™‚


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