20 Weeks


My little girl is getting so big! She’s wearing an adorable little outfit that Daniel’s relative in Italy gifted us–it’s got a cute cat and cupcake on it. Cats and cupcakes? Nothing better!

This past week was pretty good with a couple bumps. On Thursday I took some clothes up to this really cute children’s consignment store called Sprout Children’s Boutique. They had some really adorable stuff in there–secondhand and new. Afterwards, I took Andie to the Target I used to work at and saw some friends we hadn’t seen in a while! 🙂 The only thing I miss about my old job is the people for sure!


Speaking of secondhand, I found an amazing secondhand online store (for adults!) that I’ve been super impressed with. I am usually not one for buying secondhand only because theres something that has always bothered me about wearing something someone else had worn before but after reading through the site I thought I’d give it a try! Twice only takes brand-name, gently used, freshly laundered clothing – I like. Another thing that drew me in was the fact that I was able to get $20 store credit just for signing up and downloading their app. On top of that, I had a 50% off coupon. Since I’ve lost all my baby weight and then some, I have been in dire need of some new jeans; all of mine have gotten too baggy! I searched around on the site after inputting my size and brand preference and was pleasantly surprised at all the great options I had to choose from. I ended up picking a pair of Levi’s dark blue denim and a gray pair of Gap jeans. Each of them originally retailed just under $100 but with my store credit and coupon I only paid $6.40!!! I received my jeans very fast and I’m SO happy with the fit and condition of them both. I definitely recommend checking it out! The following is my referral link (you’ll get $10 for signing up through the link and I’ll get $10 when you make your first purchase!): http://www.liketwice.com/o8sI5

IMG_3401 IMG_3405

Andie has been doing very well with head control lately. She’s always done pretty well with it but she’s getting better at sitting up (which she can do unassisted for a few seconds!) and lifting her head higher while on her tummy. Tummy time has also gotten better. She tolerates it for longer periods of time but still gets upset! She’s figured out how to move around while on her tummy so now she makes her way in a circle around her mat–just another step closer to crawling! This girl is gonna be on the go before we know it!

IMG_3397 IMG_3412

Teething is also becoming more of an issue. I had written before how Andie wasn’t doing so hot in the sleep department because of sleep regression but last week she started sleeping through the night again – she actually had a 3 or 4 night stretch and then it just fell to pieces. On Sunday night, she was fussy and didn’t go to sleep until almost 10:30 which is totally out of the norm because without fail, she is in bed asleep between 9 and 9:30. Then she woke up a couple times through the night. Monday morning, Daniel took Andie downstairs after I fed her and let me sleep a little longer which was awesome! Tuesday night, she went to bed at the normal time, woke up at around 11:30, went back to sleep and then was up almost every hour after 2:30 in the morning. I was literally almost in tears because I was so so tired and Daniel had to go to training that day! Thankfully, Andie slept with me in the bed from about 6:45 to 9 so we both felt a lot better after that. She was fine the whole day – we met my friend and old college housemate, Alexandra, for brunch at Citrus (THE best chocolate milk in the world!) and everything! Last night she seemed fussy again so we gave her Little Remedies Infant Fever/Pain Reliever before bed and it helped a lot. She woke up at 11 or 11:30 but Daniel was able to get her right back to sleep and then she woke up at 3 AM, ate, and went back to sleep until 7. MUCH better than the other nights! Poor thing. She’s chewing on something throughout the day and I think at night its bothering her because she’s not chewing on anything to relieve some of the discomfort. She’s been loving Sophie and little teething rings that we put in the fridge!


We also took Andie on her first trip to the zoo this past Sunday! The weather was unbelievably perfect – mid 60’s and sunny – what a great day to walk around and look at the animals! Andie did so great 🙂 Also, how adorable is that little hat with the ears?!?! Can’t handle it. We walked around pushing her in our jogging/walking stroller and she was looking all around the whole time. Daniel also held her for a while so she could get a better view of some of the animals. A lot of other parents had the same idea we did; there were SO many babies there that day and a lot of them looked like they were right around Andie’s age.Too cute! Check out more photos here.


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