Fleeting Balance


As a new mom, all of my being has been consumed with caring for my daughter. There isn’t a single second during the day that I am not thinking about something Andie-related. I love it! However, sometimes I get to thinking about all of the things I should’ve taken advantage of (namely the time I should’ve taken advantage of) before I had a baby.

I kick myself for not having read more books now that the only chance I really get to read is on roadtrips to see family!

One of my favorite crafts, embroidery, also cast to the side and so far, only done in the car on roadtrips.

Learning new crafts! Suddenly I’m seeing all of these things that I’d love to try (like weaving!) – thanks a lot Pinterest!

I really could be doing these things at night after Andie goes to sleep but any shut-eye I can get is pure gold and I don’t know that I can give it up! I am still one of those people who needs 8 – 9 hours of sleep to be “bright eyed and bushy tailed,” however, as a mom of an infant I have magically functioned on much less. I suppose if reading & embroidery are truly important to me, I’ll need to compromise a liiiittle bit on sleep.

I was thinking tonight about how for so long I have wanted to have my own small business doing embroidery. I’d love to come up with original ideas and even do custom work as well! I get so discouraged because there’s so much time that would need to go into building something like that–time I don’t have! There’s branding, lettering practice, learning new stitches and perfecting others, coming up with designs, materials, promoting, etc.

Being a mom and giving Andie 100% is my #1 priority but I guess sometimes I feel like I’m struggling with having time for myself and time for other things I love that make me, well, me! It’s important to me to not feel as though I’ve lost myself or that I’m out of touch with things I like to do. I know one day I’ll have a balance figured out but this is how I’m feeling right now and I wanted to “document” it because it’s part of my parenthood journey.

It just occurred to me that you might be wondering how I have time to write this blog and not do those other things I mentioned. 98% of the time, I write these posts in the dark, with one hand on my iPhone, while holding Andie for the half hour after she eats before I can lay her down in bed! True story. I’m dedicated. #momlife

If any of you creative mommas out there have been able to strike a balance that affords you the time to pursue what you love to do, I’d love to hear any advice/tips you have!


One thought on “Fleeting Balance

  1. I completely understand what for going through. Its even tougher for me having two and just recently I started taking on crocheting and baking. I have realized that to make time I have to have Jeremy watch the kids for a couple hours so I can take me time but its only cause the youngest is almost a year. Its so tough when they are as small as Andie since she needs so much more attention. You are doing great. Just wait a little more time so she is a little bigger and see if you can even just get a babysitter for a couple hours to get your time because it keeps us sane when we have even two hours. Don’t feel guilty for feeling like there are so many things you could have done before because you can make it work. Good luck and feel free to message me any time

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