19 Weeks


Andie’s smile just lights up my world. I took this photo of her right after her nap because she woke up in such a great mood! I’d say about 99% of the time, she’ll wake up from a nap and be all smiles as soon as she opens her eyes. 🙂 Proof here:


This past week has been full! This past Friday, my parents came over with dinner and hung out all evening so that was nice. They hadn’t seen Andie in a week so they were dying to see her! She was being so good playing and smiling 🙂 My dad was holding her on the couch facing him and it was hilarious because she was so fascinated by his beard–she was staring at it and kept running her hands over it! haha So cute!

We went on lots of walks this past week since the weather has been amazing and there was an equal amount of lounging as well 🙂 Andie loves the outdoors so that’s one thing I try to do with her everyday–either go for a walk with her in the stroller or wearing her in the wrap!


On Saturday we drove down to Daniel’s dad’s place in NC which is only about 2 1/2 – 3 hours from us, so not a bad trip at all! Andie was so good all weekend. Never cried except for right before bedtime–she was fighting sleep SO hard and completely wigged out but she slept through the night. AMEN. Otherwise, totally happy, smiley, and content – did great visiting with her grandparents and great grandparents 🙂 My mother-in-law, Emma, and I took Andie and went shopping for some baby clothes while we were there too! We got lots of 9 month size outfits that will be perfect for the colder weather–it was awesome because all the Carter’s clothes were 40% off! Everything is just SO adorable; I can’t wait to see her in them 🙂

IMG_3359 IMG_3363 IMG_3364

Lucky girl got to see all 3 sets of her grandparents within 1 week! 🙂

We had an excellent week at physical therapy as well. Andie lasted for the entire hour for both sessions!! Before this week, she was doing 40 – 45 minutes and the first 2 sessions she ever had were only about half an hour. On Monday, she was happy and smiling and tolerating everything the entire time. On Wednesday, she was happy most of the time but got a little fussy here and there. I was so proud of her! They said she’s doing great with rotational exercises which is great to hear. We’re still working on strengthening that neck muscle and repositioning so that she isn’t constantly tilting her head while on her back. So happy to see improvement especially when we’re paying $80 a week! Whew.

New skills: we’ve gotten her to laugh in the last couple of weeks but lately she’s done it a little more than she has before which is awesome! I got the cutest video of Daniel making her laugh 🙂 Another thing she does now is squeal. It is so funny! She will just all of a sudden make these real high pitched squeals and we just crack up. It’s real cute to see her become more aware of what she can do with her voice. Future singer? I hope so!

Along with her new found awareness, has come an increase in difficulty breastfeeding. She gets SO distracted!! She will fidget all over the place, look all around, and basically do everything but eat. haha She eats but it is so hard to get her to focus! I’ve had other moms suggest getting a teething necklace for her to play with while eating so I might have to try that in the near future. I found these pretty ones from The Jones Market! So many beautiful colors to choose from!



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