Physical Therapy Update #2

I wanted to give an update on Andie’s physical therapy and the head scan she had 4 days ago–lots of new info!

We now go to therapy on Mondays and Wednesdays at 11 seeing Angela on Monday and Jessica on Wednesday. Andie has done really well at therapy this past week and has tolerated 45 minutes worth, which is awesome! We’ve learned more stretches and exercises to do with her so we’re working on incorporating them into our daily routine.

On the 23rd, we took Andie to her head scan appointment. Daniel and I were both nervous but the Orthotist was so nice and easy to talk to, which put us at ease. The first piece of good news we got actually happened at the check-in counter. They asked us if we were aware of the cost for the helmet if we had to get one and we said yes, while mentioning that we wished insurance would cover it. Another woman sitting behind the desk asked who we had insurance with and when we told her, she said that they do cover it!!!!! She said if not all of it, then they will cover at least some of it, provided they feel the helmet is “medically necessary.” We were in shock!

Then we met Bobby, our Orthotist. He looked like he was maybe a couple years older than Daniel–real nice guy and took the time to really talk to us and explain everything. We talked about our PT’s assessment and then he examined Andie’s head. After that he put this pantyhose type thing on her head (wish I had gotten a picture because she looked so cute haha) and little stickers on each side of her face next to each ear. He then laid her down in the STARscanner and within 5 seconds there was a 3D scan of Andie’s head on his computer screen. She did great and never cried once during the entire appointment πŸ™‚ He showed us what her head looks like compared to what it should look like and went over measurements. The great news was that her Plagiocephaly is not nearly as significant as her PT thought (she used the old school method of measuring); her PT measured a 14mm difference while the scan picked up an 8.27mm difference! Bobby kept saying it was really great that we got her seen at such a young age because right now we have time to play with and see if significant improvement can be made through physical therapy. He seemed very optimistic about that and suggested we wait on a helmet and go back to get another scan in a month. Of course there is still a chance she may need a helmet but now we know that she also might not and that was great to hear!! We did get a chance to talk about the helmet with him and here’s what we learned:
1. It’s very lightweight and made with foam on the inside.
2. In his experience, most children do not have issues with wearing it – in most cases it seems they don’t really notice it
3. She would have to wear the helmet 21 hours a day with three 1 hour breaks
4. If say she got the helmet at about 6 months of age, she’d wear it for about 6 months–all kids generally wear them until 1 years old as that’s when the head stops growing at such a rapid rate
5. Towards the end (around the last 6 weeks) she’d only need to wear it at night while sleeping
6. It would take 2 weeks or less to receive the helmet after ordering – the FDA mandates that once a mold is done and a helmet is ordered, it must be on the child’s head within 2 weeks
7. There are options of different colors and designs!

Lots of new information and I’m glad because that means I feel informed and not so in the dark about the whole thing! I’m asking for your continued prayers that physical therapy is all Andie will need!!


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