18 Weeks


I can’t tell you how glad I am that I’ve written weekly updates about Andie. I was reading through some past posts and there were little details that I’m sure I wouldn’t remember had I not written it down. I encourage every parent to take the time and record life with your little one in some way; whether it be in a journal, blog, scrapbook, etc. Pictures will only tell you so much in the end! Speaking of which, I have yet to fill out anything in Andie’s baby book! *gasp* I need to get on that ASAP!

This past week has been a pretty good one. I’ve taken Andie on a walk nearly every day at either Mt. Trashmore or in our neighborhood since the weather has been so great! Last Friday we met up with my friend Jessica who has a daughter 7 weeks younger than Andie at Trashmore and by the end of our walk, Andie was completely passed out. Haha Fresh air is good for us!

This past weekend we went down to Daniel’s mom’s place for his grandma’s 89th birthday party! The visit was fun and we had a great time but the trip down and back was awful. Let’s start with the trip down. For one, Andie had woken up a few times the night before so I was exhausted the day we were leaving. Then Andie woke up crabby. We got everything all packed up in the car and left, Andie slept for a while then woke up just as we were coming up on a nice rest area (perfect timing!) so we stopped. The weather was beautiful so we walked with Andie a little, then changed her diaper and then I fed her. She spit up right in the crotch of my pants so that awesome. We got going again and I think we ended up stopping once more before we got to Wilmington. Ugh–the worst drive! BUT, as soon as we got there she was in a great mood and was for the entire time we were there–YAY! πŸ™‚


The party was fun–they had everything all set up outside in the backyard and lots of family was there as well as friends of his grandma. She was gushing about Andie the whole time except she always tells us she doesn’t like Andie’s name because it’s a boy name haha πŸ™‚ The rest of the visit was great and my mother/father-in-law were so happy to see their little grandbaby! The drive back was SO SO much better, thank goodness. I also got lots of time to work on embroidery! I hadn’t really touched it since Andie was born and I’ve missed it so much. I am STILL working on the alphabet I started while I was pregnant to hang in her room – not too much more to go!



Andie has been doing so much better sitting up. She does great in the little seat my parents bought her! We also bought a highchair and she sits in it pretty well too. It’s nice to have another seating option for her! We’ve been able to sit her upright on the couch and she’ll sit there chewing on Sophie the giraffe or her Manhattan winkel toy for a good while.



Andie has also started to reach for whatever I’m drinking. I hold her with one arm and use my other hand to drink something and at first she would just act really excited. After about 2 weeks of her doing that, she suddenly started reaching for my glass or can of La Croix! It’s too funny! She hasn’t really been reaching for food yet so we’re still good there. I wrote in an earlier post that we were going to introduce Andie to rice cereal very soon but we ultimately decided against that and will be skipping right to stage 1 foods (think pureed sweet potatoes, apples) either when she turns 6 months or possibly a little earlier if we feel she’s ready. We decided against rice cereal because of a couple reasons after doing more research…

  • Arsenic. Did you know that all rice products (for adults and babies) have varying levels of arsenic? Uhhhh yuck. Early on I read this and discovered that there is no infant rice cereal without arsenic just a cereal that has the lowest amounts of the poison present.
  • Rice cereal has absolutely no nutritional value whatsoever just as eating a lot of rice for adults isn’t nutritious either. It really is just processed filler. I’d rather start my baby’s journey into food off in a nutritious, fresh way.
  • Yes, yes, maybe giving her rice cereal would make her full longer or sleep better but I honestly don’t care much about that. I’d rather she be eating something that is good for her than using something processed as a “fixer.”

Anyways, to each their own, but I just thought I’d share why we made the decision we did! πŸ™‚ My mother-in-law got us a baby food maker and I’m excited to make Andie’s food when the time comes!! To prepare for those days and as another seating option for our little lady, we went out and bought a highchair at Babies R Us! We had a $50 gift card to use toward it so that was awesome. We ended up choosing the Chicco PollyΒ Β in Zest–we really like it! The seat itself is able to be wiped clean and its super comfy. There is also a 5 point harness so I know Andie will be safe sitting there. The tray easily slides on and off and the plastic tray insert is dishwasher safe! The chair also has 3 recline positions and has 7 height positions as well. It has wheels so we’re able to move it from room to room without any trouble. So far, we are very happy with our choice!!


She is just too cute in there! πŸ™‚


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