Dear Daddy


I know you can’t be there every night to put me to bed but the nights you are home, you walk and rock me to sleep while you sing me songs. So far I know some country, reggae, and Christmas tunes–teach me more!

I think you are pretty hilarious and soon enough I will be able to give you a big belly laugh to show you just how funny I think you are!

We play air drums a lot; does this mean you’ll teach me the real thing when I’m old enough? I hope so!

Thanks for always telling me how beautiful I am and how much you like my outfits. Remember to do that for as long as you live ok?

One day, I’ll think boys are cute but for now, I’ve only got eyes for you–don’t worry!

Most of all, I love you. SO much! I can’t tell you that yet but I hope you see it when I smile and light up whenever I see you and hear your voice, especially the morning after your night shift. You’re the best daddy!




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