16 Weeks


Well, I was right! We are now in the midst of the dreaded and tortuous 4 month sleep regression. Fun times! It was prefaced by 2 or 3 days of Andie not taking naps during the day and being a total grouch but still sleeping well at night. Then all of a sudden about 4 or 5 nights ago she woke up through the night. I’ve had to feed her each time to get her back to sleep but I have to hold her for 30 minutes after each feed because of her spitting up so most of the time I’m getting something like 45 minute chunks of sleep before she’s up again. -_- The night before last was the one of the best nights so far: slept from 9:30 – 5 and then again at 7 and then awake for the day at 8:30. Last night, she was asleep by 9 PM, woke up for 5 minutes around 10, woke up at 1, and then didn’t wake up until about 6:45 when I woke her to get ready to leave for her appointment. She has still continued to take a long morning nap but the naps she takes the rest of the day are only 30 minutes long and usually it’s just one or two. 😦 I know “this too shall pass” but it reeeeeally sucks right now–let me sulk. Haha.

Andie still hasn’t rolled tummy to back yet but I’m continuing to give her lots of tummy time so I know it’ll be any time now. She did do it once last week but she hasn’t been able to do it again! She is still rolling over back to tummy a lot and will tolerate being on her tummy for a few minutes at first but after continuous rolling to her tummy she’ll cry as soon as she gets there.

Hand / eye coordination is getting really good these days! You can tell she is a lot more deliberate about her hand movements and barely misses when she goes to grab something. It’s very cool to see her go from very jerky movements to slow, deliberate ones! My mom got her two new toys the other day that she is loving–one is a rattle/teether and the other is a Lamaze Fifi the Firefly 🙂 Both are really cute and fun for her to look at and touch!


About 2 weeks ago my dad went out and got Andie a cute seat for her to sit in since she’s constantly trying to sit up. It’s by Fisher Price and she really seems to like it! We’re keeping it at our house until we buy our own so that way she’ll have a seat at my parents’ and at home so we won’t need to lug it back and forth. I’ve been looking at the Mamas and Papas Snug – it seems perfect and a lot of moms have said that their baby’s legs were too chubby for the Bumbo but not for the Snug. I’m almost positive we’d have that problem as well so I think we may go with the Snug 🙂

The day before yesterday, we finally were able to go get Andie’s X-ray done. She did so well and the tech doing the X-ray was very quick about it. We had to lay her down on the table, the tech strapped her legs down with velcro and then Daniel held her head still while I held her arms down. We talked to her, smiled at her, and she was perfectly fine! We had her first physical therapy appointment today and it was a little much. I don’t think Daniel and I were expecting to hear what we did…I will bring everyone up to speed soon but for now, just know that we have a happy healthy baby! 🙂



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