14 Weeks


This past week has been a little challenging! Andie has seemed a little more fussy and clingy which might be due to her starting the next “mental leap.” Or not. Who knows? One thing I will not miss about this age is their inability to communicate what is wrong and why they’re upset/crying! Haha

Since Andie can now roll from her back to her tummy, we had to stop swaddling her at night with our beloved velcro SwaddleMe blanket. We slowly got her out of it by leaving one arm out one night, then both. It was a little rough! She did well with one arm out but the first time she had both arms free, she woke up a couple times during the night. That was terrible, especially since I hadn’t woken up multiple times in the night for a looooong time. We finally got her a Halo Sleepsack from Target and the first night she woke up once. Ok, not too bad. Then slept through the night every night after! Woo!!! 🙂 Andie gets up between 6 and 6:30 AM every day so that’s still kind of hard since I have never been a morning person but it’s getting easier!

As for adventures in rolling, Andie is still rolling back to tummy but has yet to roll tummy to back. She tolerates being on her tummy for only so long and then gets reeeeally mad. We turn her back over and then she rolls over again only to cry because she is back on her tummy! Haha I know she’ll roll from tummy to back soon but I’m so anxious for her to do it so she might not hate being on her tummy so much after she gets tired!

We’ve been incorporating more books into our bedtime routine and we are currently loving Alice and Wonderland, Romeo & Juliet, and Guess How Much I Love You. The first two are part of the BabyLit series which is such a cool concept–I want to buy them all and probably will 😉 It’s really important to me that Andie enjoy books not only because it’s great for her but it’s something I’ll be able to bond over with her! I have always been a book lover so I would love our kids to be as well.


This past week we went to a get-together for Daniel’s squad and had a great time. Andie did so well and I think a large part of that was because we were outside the entire time on one of the most perfect days. It felt like spring so it wasn’t too hot or cold for her. She even fell asleep out there for a little while! Andie did great giving everybody lots of smiles 🙂


With school starting back up again, I started thinking about what Andie’s school age years might be like. I also came to the realization that she will be graduating high school in the year 2032 (!!!) and college in the year 2036!! That sounds absolutely crazy to me! Haha I’m hoping she’ll end up being a Duke like her momma 😉



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