13 Weeks


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Andie turned 13 weeks old on Wednesday and then the next day she became exactly 3 months old!! How am I already the parent of a 3 month old baby?! The recurring theme with these blog posts (and let’s be honest, parenthood in general) is and will forever be how fast time flies by. Months feel like weeks, and weeks feel like days!

This past week was pretty great. The 3 of us got the chance to get out of town for a few days and head down to Ocracoke Island to join some of my family! My parents, brother, aunt, and cousins on my dad’s side were all there which was awesome because we haven’t seen my aunt/cousins since our wedding!  They all rented a house on the canal in Ocracoke–it was so awesome!! The house was really big and in such a great location. Right next to the house was a dock on the canal and not too much further down was where it opened up into the sound. Daniel, my cousin Adam, and I went kayaking out into the sound and it was so peaceful out there; the water felt incredible! I spent a lot of time at the house because of Andie but it was nice to be out of my everyday environment and I got help from my parents too.

Daniel went fishing with my dad, brother, and cousin almost every day we were there and I know he had a blast doing that! We also spent time at the beach of course! We took Andie the day after we got to Ocracoke and it was pretty warm that day but we thought we’d try and see how it went. I had her in her cute little pink ruffled bathing suit and white sun hat and Daniel took her into the water to dip her feet in. She seemed to enjoy it and then Daniel wasn’t paying attention and a teeny tiny itty bitty wave came and splashed them….well, that was the end of beach time for her. haha She got a little in her face and I think she just got surprised/scared by it; she cried and cried, people were looking at us, and we left. lol The next time we went to the beach, it was much cooler and my dad had a large canopy set up with plenty of shade and she actually slept on my dad the whole time we were out there (about 2 hours). That was nice because Daniel and I got the chance to throw the football around in the water and have a little fun!

Overall, Andie did pretty well on vacation! She definitely had her moments, like every baby, but she did great traveling (she always sleeps in the car) and slept 9+ hours each night. WOO!


DSC_0004 DSC_0006

IMG_2989 IMG_2994

IMG_2998 IMG_2999




IMG_3034 Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

We didn’t want to leave.

On the day that Andie became 3 months old, she learned a new trick. My baby rolled from her back to her tummy!!! She had been swinging her leg over for a week or two and we knew it would only be a matter of time. She got reeeeally close the night before and then when it was playtime the next morning, I put her on her play mat/activity gym and she did it! I couldn’t believe it, I was so excited! Daniel was still asleep so I was dying for him to wake up so he could watch her do it. Thankfully, she rolled from back to front more than a handful of times 🙂 I read that babies typically start with rolling from tummy to back first because it’s easiest and don’t usually do back to front until 5 or 6 months old–we’ve got an overachiever over here! 😉 I’m going to attribute it to good genes, lots of playtime since she was a few weeks old, and Andie’s determination. We’re so proud of her!

Andie has also discovered she has two hands and not just her left hand. Haha Most of the time you can find her sitting in the mamaroo with both hands clasped about 2 inches in front of her face so she can study them very seriously. It is too funny! Not only does she like to stare at her hands, she likes to munch on them too. And she’s drooling. A. Lot. I’m thinking teething is in our near future….

Our sweet little one is also on the tail end of a mild virus 😦 About a week ago, I had fed Andie in bed after she woke up and burped her like usual. She spit up, like usual and then I brought her downstairs for the day. When I was sitting Andie down in the mamaroo I noticed something on her pajama top and it was the consistency of spit up but was orange. Then I looked and saw orange spots on my shirt and then some more on the burp cloth I was using. Mild freakout mode engaged at this point. She seemed perfectly normal and it actually didn’t even both her when she spit up that time so I wasn’t freaking out too much but I called the on-call nurse as soon as I saw the orange. They recommended that because of her age I go ahead and call the ped’s office once they opened to make an appointment and get her checked out so that’s what I did. Daniel and I took her in and everything looked great except that he noticed some colored mucus in her nose. Girl had a virus and we never would have known had it not been for that orange spit up which ended up being irritation from her stomach since the virus made her acid reflux a little worse. We had noticed she was being a little more fussy and spitting up a lot more but we just thought it was all AR issues. Our doctor said that most likely, the reason why she doesn’t have worse symptoms and seems to be doing pretty well is that she is breastfed and has a strong immune system. Yay for breastfeeding! Pretty cool that I am her food and medicine all in one!


4 thoughts on “13 Weeks

  1. The headband is so sweet! She’s adorable! And those grunts on the video…so cute! Good job, Andie!

    Theo hasn’t rolled yet, but I’ve noticed that he’s started to try these past few days. Any day now!

    I’m jealous she sleeps such long stretches…I was up every 2 hours with my little man last night! Keep up the good sleep, Andie darling!

    • Thanks! It was so crazy how she just did it all of a sudden after a week or two of looking like she was so close–Theo will do it any time now; keep your eyes peeled! lol

      She generally does really awesome with sleep but now that she can roll over it’s a bit of a struggle. Last night was the first night she woke up a few times because she kept trying to roll and her arms were moving around a lot 😦 Hoping it will get better as she gets used to not being swaddled–I don’t want to give up our 9+ hours of sleep!!!

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