12 Weeks


Little Miss Sunshine is 12 weeks!! Not too much to report this week. Still cute as ever, still sleeping through the night, and eating like crazy! The only thing was she was a lot more fussy this week and after discovering Wonder Weeks; it looks like Andie was going through a growth spurt and/or mental leap! She is learning new skills all the time and the increased fussiness made sense with what I was reading about week 12. If you’re a parent and haven’t checked out Wonder Weeks yet, I highly recommend it–it’s a great way to get some insight on what your baby is going through mentally and why he/she may seem fussier than usual or other things you notice that you can’t really attribute to anything else. I have the app on my phone and it tells you when you can expect the next “leap,” when you might expect some different behavior, what the leaps are, how you can help your baby, etc. Very cool!

Another app I thought I would share is Baby Connect. Seriously, this one has been a total life saver! It’s $4.99 in the AppStore but I had a gift card so I purchased it that way–WOO! This app tracks just about everything:

  • feedings (nursing, solids, formula)
  • diapers (what was in the diaper, how much, what it looked like)
  • sleep (napping, regular sleep, as well as whether they were on their back, tummy, etc.)
  • medical stats
  • doctor visits
  • milestones
  • activities
  • mood
  • pumping
  • potty

The ones I use the most right now are for nursing, diapers, sleep, and medical. With everything going on, it’s the easiest way for me to see when I nursed and changed Andie last. The nursing tracker is my favorite because I can have a running timer for each side while feeding. This becomes helpful in those times when you feel as though something is different with baby’s eating habits or when the nurse at your ped’s office asks you how long your baby typically nurses (before this app I was like, “uhhhh, I’m not sure….15 min?). Diapers are a good thing to track because sometimes what’s in them or not in them can be a sign of something health wise so I like to note how often and what each one was like for that purpose. The sleeping tracker is great too because for naps and sleeping at night I have a running timer going so I know exactly how long she is sleeping each time. The medical tracker has been great too. I’ve been able to keep track of weight, what vaccines she gets and when, head size, height, temperature, appointments, medicine, and health. It’s just great to have something I can look at all in one spot so I’m not trying to remember everything because that’s just not gonna happen!

The app also puts your entries into a graph which is great for anyone is who is more visual! For nursing, diapers, and sleeping, I am able to see the total for each day and other graphs depending on what I tracked. Can you tell how much I love it?! Haha It’s just super helpful, so if I can share it and make someone else’s life a little easier then yay! 🙂

What are some baby apps or websites you have found to be helpful?


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