9 Weeks


We have a more serious look for our weekly photo this time courtesy of Bandit, our cat. Haha Andie has been noticing him more and more so when he’s close, she just stares. Too cute!

This past Tuesday, Andie had her 2 Month Well Check!! She is weighing in at 12 lbs 14 oz (!!! – 92nd percentile) and measuring 23.3 inches long! I couldn’t believe it when we saw her weight–I knew her 3 month size clothes were getting a little tighter! haha The doctor was so happy with her growth and progress. The only question I had for her was that while breastfeeding, Andie has been latching on, eating, and then unlatching, and repeating. I was worried that something was wrong but in fact, it seems that things are very right! Apparently, my let down is becoming faster and more efficient and Andie is becoming more efficient at breastfeeding so she needs to pull off to take a breath. Hearing that gave me such a confidence boost!! I have to say, when it comes to breastfeeding, you either feel a complete lack of confidence because you aren’t sure whether you’re doing it right or you feel total confidence. I don’t think there’s an in-between! Andie also got some vaccinations done that day. She got one orally (I believe for rotavirus) and then 2 shots (Pneumococcal, influenza type b, Dtap), one in each leg. For the first one, she did not feel it at all and just kept smiling and laughing but the second one had a little burn to it so she wasn’t as happy with that one! She let out a big cry, then did that thing where they turn bright red and don’t even make a sound, and then cried for a minute while daddy held her. After that, she was good! We have a tough little baby! She’s also doing great holding her head up, making eye contact, and is making more cooing/gurgling sounds all the time.

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One issue we are going to be dealing with is something called Torticollis. Its very common in babies with acid reflux; babies will turn their head up and over to the left when experiencing the burning from reflux to try to alleviate it and over time the muscles in her neck get into a knot preventing her from a full range of motion as well as causing her to favor that left side. The fortunate part of all this is that she is in absolutely no pain and it is something that can be resolved with the help of some exercises. We’ll be meeting with a physical therapist soon  at our doctor’s office so they can work with her once or twice and show us what we need to do so we can continue to work with her at home. Its nothing I’m overly concerned about especially since I know there is a solution and she’s not in pain. She also does move her head from side to side but there’s a point to which we won’t turn anymore on that right side unlike the left. I’ll be sharing her progress on future posts!

photo 4

photo 5 photo 1

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