7 Weeks


7 weeks y’all!! Look at that adorable gummy smile!! I’m so in love with it–Daniel and I do everything we can to get her to smile as much as possible throughout the day, its just so darn cute!

This past week was great! Andie celebrated her first 4th of July at grandma and grandpa’s house with us–she looked adorable in her blue & white dress!

photo 1

Later in the week Daniel and I took her out shopping for a while too. We went out to the mall and Babies R Us to hunt for a couple different things. The main thing we went out for was a special swaddle blanket with velcro to use for Andie. Swaddling her in a blanket was just not working anymore; she is getting so strong and would just break her little arms out of it. Since she was doing that, she’d constantly wake herself up because her arms would hit her face and everything. We found the right blanket and the first night we used it she slept for 7 HOURS STRAIGHT!! It was amazing! Unfortunately, she hasn’t done another 7 hour stretch since then BUT she is sleeping at least 4 or 5 hours straight before waking up so that’s still pretty good in my book. Waking up once in the night is much better than every 2 – 3 hours however I still feel just as tired….so cruel haha After that 7 hour sleep stretch, she was SO happy. She woke up smiling and so pleasant; it was adorable!

photo 5 photo 2

Pictures just don’t seem to do her justice. I can hardly bring myself to delete any picture of her even if its blurry or has poor lighting or something!

DSC_0014 DSC_0015

Also, what is better than snuggly naps with daddy? NOTHING. I died over her little hand holding his finger!!! She’s gonna be a daddy’s girl for sure.


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