6 Weeks

photo 5

6 weeks already?! Time is flying and before we know it, she’ll be 2 months old then we’ll blink and she’ll be 16. haha She is getting so big and I’m loving being able to go back after each new weekly picture and seeing how much she’s changed since the week before. Can’t wait to see all these pictures in a photo book next year!

This past week has been pretty great. We’ve gone on several more walks with her since we had a few days where the weather was just perfect and she loves those! We have an Instep Grand Safari Jogging Stroller that Daniel’s mom got us for Christmas and it is so easy to maneuver and walk Β with – Andie’s been enjoying her time in there. She is super quiet the whole time during walks and when you look at her she is just looking all around like she is just completely mesmerized haha I’m so glad we live in a neighborhood that is so quiet with sidewalks and once you get past it, there’s a playground and an inlet where we walk over a little bridge to get to another peaceful neighborhood with huge houses that are fun to look at. This past weekend my parents and I took Andie on a walk since it was so nice out πŸ™‚

photo 2 photo 3

On Sunday, we had a packed but fun day! That afternoon we met our really good friends from college, Sam & Chris, for lunch in Newport News since they were in Williamsburg for a wedding. We met at Smoke BBQ Restaurant & Bar (it was really good!) and it was their first time meeting Andie! By the time we got to the restaurant, Andie was ready to eat so we fed her inside and then the rest of our time there she was super quiet and went to sleep for a little while. SO thankful–that was our first time taking her out to eat and she did so good! Of course Andie also wore her “First James Madison Tee” onesie that day–wish I had gotten a good photo of it now that I think about it! 😦


Later on we went over to Alexandra and Brad’s (also friends from college) new house for dinner! They live in such a great area of Virginia Beach and it was fun getting to see them since they got married recently, especially since we had to miss the wedding due to Andie’s arrival. We had a great time catching up, eating dinner on their back deck, and enjoying the weather outside. Andie did great while we were over there as well–she only cried when she got hungry, other than that she was perfectly happy being outside! Brad pretty much held and played with her the whole time we were there–watch out Alexandra!! haha πŸ˜‰

This past Monday I finally had my 6 week post partum check up with my OB! Everything was great–I was told I’ve healed 100% and I even weigh less than what I did when I got pregnant so as you can imagine, I walked out of there all smiles!! haha That evening, my parents came over to watch Andie while Daniel and I went out to dinner together for the first time since having Andie–it was awesome! We didn’t venture far, we were literally 5 minutes down the road, but we tried a new restaurant that ended up being very good and had a great time just being alone together and chatting. I also had my first alcoholic drink in a year!! I stopped drinking alcohol (not that I ever really drank much anyway) at the end of July when we decided we were going to start trying for a baby. I didn’t really miss it that much except when we were out to dinner or other social things where I’d usually get a drink but it was fun getting one after so long! Daniel and I love going on dates and having that one on one time together so while we may not get to do it as often with a baby, we’re determined to make sure it happens as often as we can.

DSC_0037 photo 4


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