5 Weeks


Look at my smiley little honeybee! Andie turned 5 week old yesterday and is just growing, growing, growing! The day before yesterday we had her 1 Month Well Check and it went so well. Usually there are lots of tears at her doctor’s appointments but for this one, she was so happy and content even as the doctor was examining her. We were curious to see how much she had grown since her 2 Week Well Check and were surprise to learn that our little girl now weighs 10 lbs 8 oz and measures at just under 23 inches long!! Newborn clothes and diapers are now officially retired 😦 According to most brand size charts, Andie now wears size 3 months which is fine because she has a TON, and I mean a TON, of clothes in that size. She’s getting big! Poor thing has also developed baby acne 😦 Andie had the little “milk bumps” when she was born but as of about a week ago she’s gotten the red bumps, ugh. They told us it will clear up on its own in a few weeks so until then this sweet little baby will have the skin of a stressed out pre-teen haha Apparently, babies develop this due to hormones from the mother being passed to them during delivery which sends their hormones out of whack.  She also got the second shot in her Hep B series at the appt; I was nervous as to how it was going to go especially since she also loves to kick her legs but she did so great! The nurse was able to keep her little chubby leg still and after she gave the shot Andie let out one big cry and then she just sort of whimpered a little after that while Daniel held her. Such a little trooper; we were so proud! I’m hoping she doesn’t grow up to be terrified of needles or have “white coat syndrome” like her mom….

I’ve noticed that this past week, our days together have gotten a little easier. We have sort of a routine going and we’re able to enjoy tummy time and read books together! The past couple of nights she’s even fallen asleep by 9 or 9:30 which has been amazing because then I just go ahead and lay down then too 🙂 I was also able to wear her in my Happy Baby Wrap the other evening so I got some laundry put away, kitchen and living room picked up – it was great! Another breakthrough happened this past week as well – I got to get out of the house by myself for a while!! haha This past Sunday, Daniel treated me to a pedicure at the nail salon I go to while he stayed home with Andie  – it was AWESOME. I got some Starbucks across the street, had my new book, and got pampered for 45 wonderful minutes. After that I went down the street to Carter’s where they were having a HUGE sale and got some adorable clothes for a pretty good deal – YAY! Then I was able to stop by Target where I bought a new pair of shorts (in my pre-pregnancy size!!), new top, and dinner for that night. Sunday was amazing! It was the first time since Andie was born that I was able to leave the house and go do things on my own and just have a nice break. I love being with Andie, of course, but it is exhausting and it feels good to get dressed, leave the environment you’ve been in for weeks straight, and do things alone. I know you other mommas understand that!

I also got 2 small breaks this past weekend thanks to my parents! Daniel works overnight during the summer so my parents came over later in the evening to help me out and let me take a nap–so awesome, thanks mom & dad!! This past Tuesday my mom came over and we took Andie out for a long walk as well. I can’t wait for it to get cooler so we can do walks more often because right now its too hot for babies!

DSC_0036 DSC_0039 IMG_2410 IMG_2439


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