4 Weeks


Our sweet Andie Joy is 1 month old!! Whaaaat?! Time has most definitely flown by but I wouldn’t be completely honest if I didn’t say that some days feel like they last forever. That may or may not have something to do with her waking up every few hours to eat and have her diaper changed…nonetheless, it has been quite the month! We’ve been learning how to be parents, Andie is learning…well, everything, we’re trying to forge routines, figure out what makes Andie tick, how to function on just a few hours of sleep, and more. This newborn stage is no joke!

As you can see from the picture above, there’s already such a difference between that and last week’s photo–she is filling out and that’s great because that’s her only job right now! Here’s some things we’ve learned about Andie in the first month:

  1. She loves being held…A LOT. Baby snuggles are awesome.
  2. Hates changing clothes and would really just prefer to be nakey.
  3. Maybe TMI, but she’s got a recognizable facial expression when she’s pushing something out into that diaper…lol
  4. Girl is serious about her food. She gets really impatient even when I’m just trying to switch her from one side to the other. I’ve also noticed that she gets an excited look on her face when she knows she’s about to eat. She is definitely our daughter! haha
  5. If she’s content and awake, she loves laying on her activity mat and staring at the different little animals and listening to the noises they make!
  6. Andie is strong. Literally since day 2 she has been lifting her head up while we hold her and looking around–it’s amazing! She also has a great grip and it is actually pretty hard to move her arms away from her face (she likes to put her hands on her face/in her mouth especially at feeding time so I have to try to pull her arms back to feed her haha).
  7. Her legs are constantly on the move! They don’t ever stop moving unless she’s sleeping, it is too funny! Maybe a future dancer or soccer player?
  8. She loves bath time! She didn’t cry once during her first bath and we couldn’t be happier about that. It was so cute–we got great video and pictures on our brand new Nikon D3200. We made that purchase exactly for capturing moments like that!
  9. Being outside seems to soothe her. I walk around with her in our backyard and we look at the garden boxes to see if anything new has grown and then she looks all around the entire time we’re out there!
  10. She smiles (during her awake time as well) and recently seems to laugh in her sleep–it is probably the cutest thing we’ve ever seen.

I can’t wait to see what more we’ll learn about her as she gets older! 🙂

Before Andie turned 1 month old, she had her first road trip! I was nervous about taking her on a long car ride and then being a couple days away from home with a young baby but she did pretty well. We went to Wilmington, NC to see Daniel’s younger brother graduate from high school so the trip is usually about 5 hours. Andie enjoys being in the car seat and in the car so she slept the entire time, only waking up to eat and have her diaper changed! YAY! We stopped about 2 hours away from Wilmington and I had my first experience nursing in the front seat of a car–not easy. haha That weekend Daniel’s mom was nice enough to care for Andie through the night so we could sleep 7 straight hours two nights in a row! We felt like new people after sleeping like that! The day of graduation was a lot for Andie–she didn’t nap at all that day, she was passed around from family member to family member, and graduation was loud of course. It was just a long day for a little baby! Regardless, she was such a champ and did amazing. On the day we left we made three stops on the way home. The first stop was to visit Daniel’s grandparents so they could meet Andie, the second stop was at Daniel’s dad’s to eat dinner and visit, and the third was to nurse and change a diaper at a sketchy gas station. lol Daniel’s grandparents has a pink bow tied to a lamp post in their yard (so cute) and really enjoyed meeting Andie. It was such a nice little visit! Unfortunately, by the time we got to Daniel’s dad’s house, Andie was pretty much over everything so she cried mostly the entire time we were there 😦 When we left, as soon as we got to the end of their street she was passed out haha I definitely understand how some parents just put their kids in the car seat and drive around just to get them to sleep! Overall, it was a great weekend and we were surprised how well she did.

IMG_2338 IMG_2339 IMG_2377

Here’s a photo from Andie’s 1st bath 🙂 Little side note: Highly recommend the Puj Tub if you’re in the market for a baby tub! She was comfy, it doesn’t get cold, she doesn’t slip, and it is easy to put away and set up!



She smelled SO good afterwards and no longer felt like we were holding a little gummy bear haha


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