2 Weeks Old


This post is definitely late seeing as how Andie will be 3 weeks old tomorrow (!!!) but I wanted to get it up here to start this new weekly series! I sadly never got a 1 week old photo of Andie because our first week was a rough one and there just was no way she would have cooperated. My goal is to get a weekly photo of Andie until she turns 1 year old so we can document her growth during her first year of life 🙂 After her 1st birthday, I want to put all of the photos into a photo book so its something we can hold on to forever! As for this blog, I’ll be posting her weekly photos and including some commentary about how Andie is doing, etc. I’ve already looked back over all of my pregnancy posts and I’m so glad I took the time to write those entries–I know I’ll be glad when I’ve written all the weekly posts during Andie’s 1st year too! Thanks for following my pregnancy journey and I hope you stick around to follow this first year of Andie’s life and our adventures in parenthood! 🙂

Now to begin I will give a recap of what these first two weeks have been like. WOW. While it’s been amazing being Andie’s mom and Daniel & I love being parents, it has not been easy <–understatement of the year. Obviously the entire pregnancy I couldn’t wait for Andie to be here but I don’t think I fully realized what that meant; how could I not be walking around with stars and hearts in my eyes?! I remember reading so many different articles and blogs where all these moms were saying the same thing, “Parenthood is the hardest and best thing you’ll ever do” and I couldn’t help but think it all sounded so cliche. As a first-time-very-new mom I can tell you they were all very right! Nothing could have prepared us for the sleepless nights, the hours of crying (not just Andie!) which gave way to feelings of helplessness, and the realization that this little adorable human is 100% dependent on you for absolutely everything. On the other hand, nothing could prepare us for how much we love her, think about her, go crazy over the smallest of smiles, and live for those snuggles on our chests. Being a parent is crazy and at the risk of my sounding cliche, totally worth it.

Andie struggles with acid reflux and before we finally found a solution that seems to be working for now, Daniel and I felt like we were drowning. She would scream and cry for hours and there was nothing we could do to console her–it was awful. My birthday, which was on May 29th, was her worst day and I cried for most of it. I cried because she was so upset, we didn’t know what to do, and selfishly, I felt cheated out of getting to enjoy my newborn baby because she was so upset most of the time. We were put on two different medications for her, neither of which did much to help her. Finally one night (after a few hours of Andie crying), Daniel was doing research on acid reflux and came across a formula that many parents seemed to have a lot of luck with so he ran out at close to 11 at night and got the formula. We mixed some up and gave it to her and guys, it was like MAGIC. Since that night, Andie no longer screams and cries for hours after eating and she sleeps so much better. The reflux also made it to where she refused to be on her back so sleeping arrangements were difficult. She slept in her mamaroo most nights but after the formula, we’ve finally been able to lay her on her back on the couch with us and now in a portable bassinet at night. 🙂

During Andie’s second week, Daniel’s mom came to stay with us to help out for a few days which was really nice. For the two nights she was here Daniel and I were able to sleep 7 hours straight and it was g l o r i o u s!! Sleep has suddenly become this sacred thing that neither of us can get enough of these days. Another thing that was nice about Andie’s first 2 weeks, is that Daniel was able to take off from work–I could not have done it without him!! He has jumped right into his role as dad and its been pretty awesome to watch. He does such a great job with her and helping me in any way he can. Andie already has him completely wrapped around her finger!! 🙂

Since Andie’s first few days of life, she’s been lifting her head like crazy and she can hold it up for a surprising amount of time while we’re holding her! Her grasp is very strong and I have to fight to keep her little arms out of the way while I’m trying to feed her–everything about her is so strong! She’s also been keeping her eyes open for longer during the day and they are the prettiest shade of bluish gray you’ve ever seen. One thing about our daughter that leaves no room for denial of her on our part—the girl is serious about her food. Serious. She loves to eat and to eat often; Daniel’s mom and my mom both said that as babies we just seemed to never get enough and our girl is following suit! haha

About to head home from the hospital!

About to head home from the hospital!


First sponge bath

First sponge bath

IMG_2294 photo 3

Andie's first time at the doctor haha

Andie’s first time at the doctor haha

First outing!

First outing!


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