39 Weeks


Happy Mother’s Day to my amazing mom, awesome mother-in-laws, and all the other moms and momma-to-be’s! 🙂 As of today I am 39 weeks + 3 days which puts us at just 4 days until Andie’s due date! Unfortunately, there’s been no contractions or any signs of labor…Daniel asks me every day when the baby is going to get here–wish I had an answer! haha My mom also texts/calls me every day to ask how I’m feeling -_- haha I am hoping she comes sooner rather than later but I kind of have a feeling she may not decide to show up until after the due date. Hopefully I’m wrong!!

I think everything is pretty much ready to go – everything we’re going to need right away is here. The nursery is set–just working on one or two more decoration type things that either will or won’t get done before Andie arrives haha I know I posted some nursery pictures already but I’ve got some more with a few noticeable updates!


I really wish I had a nice camera besides my iPhone but these will do for now! This is a panoramic shot of the room (can you spot Bandit? haha).

IMG_2220 IMG_2167

I made the mobile above and am SO happy with how it turned out!! I found a great tutorial online and made just a couple changes to make it a little bit easier. I had searched for a mobile for ages and I never fell in love with anything nor could I find one that had the colors I wanted to go with the rest of the nursery. If you can’t find it, make it! 🙂

IMG_2219 IMG_2218

I also had the same problem with crib sheets. No store online or in stores seemed to carry sheets with the color palette I was aiming for so I found some fabrics that I loved on Etsy and a friend of my mother-in-law sewed them into fitted sheets! I have the one above and two other sheets with different designs to start off with–I couldn’t be happier with them. Thank you Audrey! 🙂 The little area for the glider is nice and comfy but still needs some decoration on the wall. Our new baby blanket made by my sister-in-law, Amanda, adds some great color though! She did a great job–here’s a close-up:


IMG_2217 IMG_2216

You can’t see that well but the new curtains we put up this past week are the prettiest mint green – I. Love. Them. I also got them on sale so it was a win-win! I found a cute letter ‘A’ to add to the wall above the changing table and then I have these two different things that need to go up….

IMG_2215 IMG_2214

I have 5 more flowers to make and I think these will go up somewhere behind the glider either hanging from the ceiling in a cluster or maybe adhered to some twine to make some kind of garland. The mermaid print from The Printed Palette  got here a few days ago and that will probably be added to the little gallery wall we’ve got goin on above the changing table 🙂

Whew! Our doctor’s visit this past Tuesday went well – I’ve only progressed to 1.5 cm 😦 My doctor told me not to feel discouraged because dilation is not a good indicator as to when you’ll go into labor, which is true! At least I’ve progressed even just a little! The day before our appointment was Daniel’s 27th birthday so it was a great day celebrating him. His brother and our sister-in-law came down for part of the day and stayed overnight and we went to dinner with them, my parents and brother–it was a great time! The next day I surprised Daniel with a dinner at Gordon Biersch with friends 🙂

IMG_2168 IMG_2173

On Friday, my little brother graduated from college!! Andie would not stop moving the entire time we were at the ceremony – I think all the noise was making her excited! haha So happy for him that he’s finally done with school–I can remember how amazing it felt to graduate from JMU! So proud of you Jimmy!

IMG_2191 IMG_2183 IMG_2182

The next day on Saturday was my good friend and fellow police wife’s baby shower! Jessica is having a little girl, Chloe, in July and I’m so excited our girls will be close in age! Instant besties 🙂 Her shower was such a great time–SO happy for you Jess!


Today, I was able to take my mom out to lunch for Mother’s Day – it was nice to have a little mother/daughter time! She is the best–Andie is going to have such an awesome grandma plus two other awesome ones as well! When I got home, Daniel had a card and a Willow waiting for me (I collect them!) – it was so so sweet and such a surprise. I got the best guy in the world 🙂

IMG_2206 IMG_2208

At 39 weeks Andie:

  • is able to flex her limbs
  • still has a rapidly developing brain
  • has nails that probably extend past her fingertips
  • is still growing bigger


SYMPTOMS: pretty tired, backaches, soreness in my lower right ribs, shortness of breath, heartburn, LOTS of peeing, pelvic discomfort, and some swelling

MATERNITY CLOTHES?: Pretty much only wearing maternity clothes with the exception of a few normal tops that still fit and maxi skirts.

STRETCH MARKS?: Yes but not too awful I guess :\

SLEEP: Still tossing and turning – no position is comfortable anymore

BEST MOMENT THIS  PAST WEEK: Too many to pick–it was a busy but fun week!

MISS ANYTHING?: Having no aches or pains, less visits to the bathroom, being able to buy clothes (although it’s probably best for my bank account haha) but I don’t miss these things too much since its all for the baby!!


WEDDING RING ON OR OFF?: Off but wearing them on a necklace 🙂

MOOD: Nesting, excited, nervous, everything!!

WHAT SIZE IS BABY?: A watermelon! 🙂

CRAVINGS?: Major sweet tooth lately!


4 thoughts on “39 Weeks

  1. I love her nursery!! You guys did an excellent job! And I can’t wait to meet her and especially can’t wait for Andie and Chloe to meet!!!

  2. I haven’t had any signs of labor either, so I have a feeling our little guy will wait to join us until later, too. Boo. Hopefully not *too* much later!

    Your nursery looks amaaaaazing! So cute!

    • Thank you so much!! Today’s my due date and still no labor signs – whomp whomp. 😦 Hoping our little ones aren’t TOO stubborn and show up sooner rather than later!!!

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