38 Weeks


Happy Birth Month!!!! YAY!! We are now 2 weeks out from our due date and can say that Andie will be here THIS month! Our minds are blown. It’s also just a lot more special because not only is Daniel’s birthday this month (actually in just a few days) but my birthday is also this month as well–how cool that we all get to share and celebrate each other this month?! The hospital bag is pretty much packed (any suggestions or things you wish you had brought but didn’t? Let me know!), we’ve got enough diapers to start off with, her room is set up…we’re just waiting!

Today we had an ultrasound so the tech could report back to my doctor on baby’s measurements, weight, and fluid. She told me everything looked great and according to the measurements she was able to take, it looks like Andie is weighing in at 7 lbs 4 oz! Really hoping our little lady doesn’t plump up too much more before delivery for my sake! haha She was moving all over like always but we were able to see her face for a few moments – the tech was able to get a screenshot of her nose and lips, which are adorable!! She’s got some big lips so she definitely is taking after her mama there 🙂 We can’t stop looking at the photos she gave us, especially since the last time we saw her was back in January when we found out her gender. Daniel keeps saying he can’t wait to see her and her cute face in person finally–I completely agree!

IMG_2150 IMG_2151

In the first photo we got a sweet little side profile–it looks like her mouth is open haha In the second photo her eyes are in the shadow but you can see her nose and then those adorable lips!

Other than the excitement of today, there isn’t much new to report for this week. We had our weekly appointment this past Tuesday and everything still looks and sounds awesome! The doctor will check to see if I’ve made any dilation progress at my next appointment this coming Tuesday so we’ll see if anything has changed. They’re going over labor signs with us at every appointment now so its drilled in as to what to look for–pretty crazy! Andie is still pretty active although because of what little room is left in there, its a lot of squirming instead of kicking. Her little butt is always jutting out on either side of my belly which is hilarious and it is fun to see my whole belly move and shift with her rolling underneath–I will miss it! 🙂

At 38 weeks Andie:

  • may have an inch or so of hair (fingers crossed!)
  • is slowly shedding the white coating that’s been protecting her skin while she’s been in the womb
  • has a firm grasp already. Can’t wait for her to grab our fingers!


SYMPTOMS: pretty tired, backaches, soreness in my lower right ribs, shortness of breath, heartburn, LOTS of peeing, pelvic discomfort, and some swelling

MATERNITY CLOTHES?: Pretty much only wearing maternity clothes with the exception of a few normal tops that still fit and maxi skirts.

STRETCH MARKS?: I recently spotted a couple tiny ones on my left side 😦 Nothing big but I’m still slathering with Bio Oil!

SLEEP: Still tossing and turning – no position is comfortable anymore

BEST MOMENT THIS  PAST WEEK: Seeing Andie on at our ultrasound!!

MISS ANYTHING?: Having no aches or pains, less visits to the bathroom, being able to buy clothes (although it’s probably best for my bank account haha) but I don’t miss these things too much since its all for the baby!!


WEDDING RING ON OR OFF?: Off – my fingers have swelled enough to make me afraid that something might happen to my rings so I decided to take them off 😦 It feels so weird…I NEVER take my wedding rings off so I already can’t wait to put them back on. I’m sure I’ll be getting some looks since not only do I look younger than I am but obviously pregnant haha

MOOD: Nesting, excited, nervous, everything!!

WHAT SIZE IS BABY?: A pumpkin! 🙂

CRAVINGS?: Major sweet tooth lately!


2 thoughts on “38 Weeks

  1. Totally random item to bring but a power strip was the best thing I had in my bag. My mom suggested it and it helped so much with keeping phones, camera, and iPad all charged because the room only had one open outlet.

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