36 Weeks


Just 4 weeks left people!! I am ready for Andie to be here (even though I don’t have quite everything done yet…) – we’re so excited to meet her and I am just uncomfortable 24/7. Lots of discomfort in the pelvic area which I assume means she has “dropped” – that’s at least what all my pregnancy reads are saying happens in the last couple weeks of pregnancy. Also, I officially waddle. I feel like a pudgy momma penguin haha Now I can’t stop wondering when she’ll actually make her debut as it could literally be any day!

Daniel and I worked in the nursery this past week and got a good amount done! I still have more decorating to do but everything is set up. Here’s a few pictures:

IMG_2130 IMG_2123

Still waiting on the changing pad cover!

Still waiting on the changing pad cover!



The beginning of Andie's little library!

The beginning of Andie’s little library!

IMG_2129 IMG_2127

I definitely have plans to add more to the art wall above the changing table but it’s a start! I’d also like to find some mint or coral knobs to replace the standard ones that came on the cabinet inserts on the table. We went ahead and set up her pack and play since she’ll be sleeping in that in our room once she comes home–we’re just keeping it in the nursery for now so it doesn’t take up space in our bedroom. I’m loving the ledges for her books that we got and fully expect to get some more as her book collection grows 🙂 I’d like to get a couple cute, comfy pillows to have down on the floor for reading/play time in that corner but we’ll see! As for the emptiness behind the glider, I think we’ll remedy that with a couple framed prints from our maternity session and maybe some kind of cute garland or something. Its a work in progress!! I also started another embroidery project to hang on her wall as well – it’s the alphabet 🙂


We got our maternity photos back this past week and I am completely in love with them!! We couldn’t be happier with how they turned out — they will be forever treasured 🙂 I’ll make another post with some of my favorites to share with y’all!

At 36 weeks Andie:

  • has skin that is getting smoother and softer
  • has rigid gums
  • has liver and kidneys in working order
  • has circulation and immune systems that are good to go

Basically, Andie’s only job is to fatten up from here on out–hard to believe!!


SYMPTOMS: pretty tired, backaches, soreness in my lower right ribs, shortness of breath, heartburn, LOTS of peeing, pelvic discomfort – like I said, I’m just uncomfortable haha

MATERNITY CLOTHES?: Mostly wearing maternity clothes as most of my regular tops don’t cover my entire belly!

STRETCH MARKS?: I recently spotted a couple tiny ones on my left side 😦 Nothing big but I’m still slathering with Bio Oil!

SLEEP: Still tossing and turning – no position is comfortable anymore

BEST MOMENT THIS  PAST WEEK: Working on and getting things done in the nursery with Daniel 🙂

MISS ANYTHING?: Having no aches or pains, less visits to the bathroom, being able to buy clothes (although it’s probably best for my bank account haha) but I don’t miss these things too much since its all for the baby!!



MOOD: Nesting, excited, nervous, everything!!

WHAT SIZE IS BABY?: The length of a head of romaine lettuce 🙂

CRAVINGS?: Major sweet tooth lately!


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