35 Weeks


We’ve made a little more progress with Andie’s room! Don’t have any photos to share because I’d rather  wait until I have a few more things and it looks more together but here’s what we’ve done this past week:

  • changing pad cover is ordered
  • frames were purchased for the wall art that has arrived in the mail (still waiting on one print though!)
  • one of the embroidery pieces I have been working on is finally completed
  • work has started on the mobile for over the crib

It may not seem like a lot but to me any progress is worth celebrating!! haha There’s still more that I need for the baby and stuff I want to get done but it’s moving along 🙂


IMG_2097 IMG_2103

One of the most exciting things about this past week was getting to do our maternity photos!! We chose to have our pictures done by our wedding photographer, Jason Collins, because he did such an amazing job before. I really wanted to do a sunset beach session which is also exactly what Jason had envisioned so we went out on the beach this past Sunday 🙂 He got a lot of shots and even posted some sneak peeks the other day that made me even more excited!!! It’s possible that all of the photos will be done by the end of next week–I will be dying with anticipation until then!

sneak peek1

sneak peek2

They just make me so happy looking at them! If you think about it, they are kind of our first family photos! 🙂

So at 35 weeks, I’m feeling bigger and bigger–how can this belly grow anymore?! haha I’m perfectly on track with weight gain but I still feel rather large most days. This also means that Andie has very little room in there–its getting closer and closer for her to come out! Check out this new video I took of her moving to see what I mean:

Otherwise, I’m feeling pretty tired these days…I’m feeling similar to how I felt during the first trimester. For example, this morning I woke up at 9:30 and then came downstairs to lay down again – I even took a mini nap! haha It makes me feel so lazy but I have to remind myself that it’s ok to rest and be tired because A) I need to enjoy the sleep I can get now and B) I’m still growing a human! Also, I totally had to laugh at myself the other night and here’s why:


Not only are pretty much all of shirts no longer covering my belly (this is a pajama top) but I realized that I was using my bump as a tray for my bowl of ice cream HAHA This photo just screams “end of pregnancy” to me. 🙂 One last photo to share; I just love it so much (surprise Daniel! haha)– these kind of moments are just so special to me and I know our daughter will like seeing them as well. Daniel was talking to Andie and she was responding with lots of kicks and moves–it was awesome! Holy cow, he is going to be the BEST dad in the world!! Andie, we are so incredibly lucky! 🙂


At 35 weeks Andie:

  • is as big as a coconut
  • has fully developed hearing
  • has completed circulatory and musculoskeletal systems
  • has mature lungs
  • is most likely gaining an ounce or so a day

We had another appointment this past Tuesday and again (thankfully), everything looks perfect! We heard our sweet girl’s heartbeat again which we love each time. Our appointments are now scheduled all the way through the due date as well; I go again on the 22nd and then I’ll start going EVERY week! AHH!! At the next appointment I’ll get tested for Group B Strep (common/mandatory test at this point in pregnancy) so please join me in praying that I am not a carrier!


SYMPTOMS: Fatigue, backaches, soreness in my lower right ribs, shortness of breath, heartburn, LOTS of peeing

MATERNITY CLOTHES?: Mostly wearing maternity clothes as most of my regular tops don’t cover my entire belly!


SLEEP: Still tossing and turning…and snoring a lot of nights

BEST MOMENT THIS  PAST WEEK: Getting maternity photos done!

MISS ANYTHING?: Having no aches or pains, less visits to the bathroom, being able to buy clothes (although it’s probably best for my bank account haha) but I don’t miss these things too much since its all for the baby!!



MOOD: Nesting, excited, nervous, everything!!


CRAVINGS?: No cravings


2 thoughts on “35 Weeks

  1. Your professional pictures look so beautiful!! Love your dress!

    It’s the sweetest thing watching my husband interact with our baby in the womb. Now that I’m home on maternity leave and actually getting to wake up at the same times as him, he’s been spending a little time with his head on my belly just like Daniel was doing — you’ve inspired me to take a picture of that next time he does! It just makes the heart melt!

    Decorating the nursery is fun, isn’t it? We only have one corner of our bedroom for now, but I’ve been working on getting baby boy’s clothes washed and folded and organized in his dresser. (We have no dryer, so the process is taking a bit longer.) So precious doing such tiny laundry!

    • Thank you Sarah!! The photos were so much fun to do 🙂

      It really is so special seeing my husband interact with Andie – it just makes me think of how awesome of a dad he is going to be when she’s here! You gotta take those pictures–definitely sweet memories 🙂

      The nursery is so much fun to do! And tiny laundry is so adorable – its the only kind I don’t mind doing (at least right now! hehe)! Are you decorating his corner with a little theme or certain colors? I’ll be sad when I have nothing left to do anymore! haha

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